Product Showcase

  1. Material Flow Asset Workflow
    The Material Flow Asset Workflow module puts you in control of your assets by providing real-time location-based data that allows you to physically track the location and status of your assets.
  2. Dolphin® 6500 Mobile Computer

    Honeywell’s Dolphin® 6500 is a lightweight and versatile mobile computer that provides advanced data collection and real-time wireless communication for in-premise applications in retail, grocery and light-industrial supply chain environments. Multiple keypad options—the 28-key numeric and the 52-key alphanumeric—allow the deliver to be tailored to meet application requirements, as well as user preference.

  3. Scrap Tracking & Management System
    The Scrap Tracking and Management System (STMS), developed by WhereNet, part of Zebra Enterprise Solutions, is designed to streamline the non-conforming materials (NCM) processes at manufacturing facilities. STMS eliminates the manual paper tag process and replaces it with a real-time, highly visible scrap tracking and management tool that provides timely and accurate recording and reporting of scrap and vendor rejected materials.
  4. Equipment Tracking & Management System
    The Equipment Tracking & Management System (ETMS) is a real-time tracking and management solution used to wirelessly track and monitor Material Handling Equipment (MHE) inside and/or outside a facility. As many manufacturing environments are large and complex, it is difficult to sufficiently manage equipment such as Forklifts (HiLos) and Tuggers used in the Material Handling process.
  5. Vehicle Tracking & Management System
    The Vehicle Tracking & Management Solution (VTMS) provides realtime information to track, measure and manage vehicles anywhere within the facility, both indoors and outdoors. VTMS is a groundbreaking step in automating vehicle tracking and management in today’s vehicle assembly, delivery chain and fleet operations and is the first solution to provide real-time information to today’s manufacturing management community.
  6. Yard Tracking & Management System
    The Yard Tracking and Management System (YTMS), developed by WhereNet, part of Zebra Enterprise Solutions, is a yard planning, management and execution solution that leverages wireless location and communication technologies and configurable business rules to optimize yard operations and the systems with which they interface.
  7. Material Flow Replenishment Solution
    The Material Flow Suite is a comprehensive manufacturing execution management solution that streamlines the entire replenishment process with your asset workflow and equipment management operations across multiple facilities or within a single location. Comprised of three core modules, the Material Flow Suite integrates: replenishment, asset workflow and equipment management all within one material flow management system.
  8. Everest E2000 Industrial Computer
    Windows CE is the operating system of choice for leading warehouse and distribution centers. Ideal for thin client, HTML, and remote desktop applications; the Everest E2000 industrial computer is designed for vehicle and fixed-mount industrial applications.
  9. Everest E5000 Industrial Computer
    Information is the key to success in warehousing and manufacturing. Whether receiving inventory, filling orders, moving freight, or monitoring time and attendance, there is no better partner than the Everest from Glacier Computer.
  10. Brother Mobile Solutions: PT-9700PC and PT-9800PCN Desktop Barcode And Label Printers
    The Brother PT-9700PC and PT-9800PCN Desktop Barcode and Label Printers produce high-quality laminated labels suitable for harsh environment applications. With resolutions up to 360 x 720 dpi and a maximum print speed of 3.15 ips, the PT-9700PC and PT-9800PCN can be configured to print on demand, laminated labels that will fit many vertical market applications.