Feature Articles

  1. Even Blizzards Can’t Prevent Us From Delivering Life-Saving Drugs

    Edinburgh and the Lothians to Fife, was closed for the first time ever due to the snow with both the Edinburgh and Glasgow airports also closed. To make matters worse, the major motorways and other main roads were closed by police due to jack-knifed lorries and stranded cars.

  2. Going The Extra Mile To Maintain Patient Continuity

    Two patient samples that were supposed to be picked up at London Heathrow Airport for delivery to a central lab were not available for retrieval. The airline handling agent in London claimed that the shipment had been misplaced and may not have arrived in London.

  3. Precise Cold-Chain Logistics Supports Global Study Of Heart Disease

    The challenge involved the precise cold storage temperatures (between 2-8°C) required to assure the integrity of the strips during the transfer and storage of the product to various sites around the globe.

  4. Rapid Response To Earthquake Damage Keeps Critical Shipments Moving

    Following the major earthquake (8.9 on Richter scale) that struck Japan on March 11, 2011, the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant suffered severe damage to multiple reactors. Due to the damage at the nuclear plant and other serious damage caused by the tsunami, service to the main cities and prefectures in central Japan was dramatically curtailed.

  5. Can Demand Planning Unlock New Profit Potential For Distributors?

    How better forecasting and inventory planning can improve the bottom line.

  6. How to Respond To Business Changes With Minimal Effort And Cost

    This white paper addresses how organizations are using innovative technology to keep pace with business changes and to provide a competitive edge. Flexible, scalable, and easy-to-use technology minimizes IT costs while maintaining data security and rich functionality, and it integrates seamlessly with other applications.

  7. 3 ‘Make Or Break’ Secrets About Your COW’s Mobile Power System

    Clinicians depend on a cart’s power system to provide ample runtime while requiring minimal charge time, and three critical factors can lead to success or failure.  By Patricia Moore, President of CompuCaddy

  8. Thermal Printing Cuts Cost And Adds Value For DSD

    An important part of the value of automating direct store delivery (DSD) operations comes from having the ability to give customers delivery receipts, order forms and invoices on the spot. Printing documentation at the time of the visit helps ensure accuracy, reduces paperwork and clerical labor in the back office, and accelerates the cash cycle. In some countries, it is a legal requirement that DSD companies to provide and maintain a printed record of each transaction.  By Intermec, Inc.

  9. Vehicle Mount Terminal Or Tablet - Which Is Better For Forklift Installations? Part 1: Data Collection

    We recently sold several Everest E2000s to a new customer who needed to replace the rugged tablets installed on their forklifts. The failing tablets they were replacing had been purchased as a bundle, with a prominent software package installed and promotional pricing that was just “too good to pass up.

  10. Vehicle Mount Terminal Or Tablet - Which Is better For Forklift Installations? Part 3: Vibration & Shock Mounting Systems & Peripherals

    Computers mounted on forklifts are punished with shock, vibration, and impacts on a daily basis. Manufacturers build these computers from the inside out to withstand the relentless assault found in the typical warehouse environment.