Magazine Articles

  1. Nestlé DSD Controls Costs Through Better Warehouse Management

    Using proper supply chain management and order processing, Nestlé DSD is able to maintain accurate orders and delivery.

  2. Sustainable Supply Chain Management

    SUPERVALU learns the drive to undertake sustainable supply chain programs can result in significant bottom line effects.

  3. Supplier Collaboration - Giving Retailers The Cutting Edge In Today’s Global Economy

    Millions of dollars are wasted daily through slow, antiquated supply chains that haven’t adapted to today’s realities.

  4. What Can Data Patterns Tell You?

    “Pattern seeking” software leverages available retailer data to analyze systems, personnel, and process behaviors to increase revenue and margins.

  5. Stein Mart’s Supply Chain Overhaul Saves Millions

    Stein Mart saved $20 million+ by changing to a pool and dedicated distribution model to streamline the supply chain.

  6. Viewing Shipments Across Borders Decreases Risk And Increases Rewards

    Now that retailers are becoming truly international through their sourcing, knowing what is being shipped and complying with government regulations becomes paramount.

  7. A Lesson In Reverse Logistics

    As competitive and economic pressures continue to weigh heavily on the supply chain, more and more companies will turn to reverse logistics as a method of relief.

  8. Inbound Inventory: A Key To Retail Success

    Optimizing inbound inventory improves outbound flow and the consumer experience.

  9. Gaining A Competitive Edge Through EDI

    Retailers are using EDI to become more automated and competitive.

  10. Supply Chain Transformation: Caught In The Headlights

    For the first time since the bar code, retailers are challenged to think about how their operations models are constructed.