Magazine Articles

  1. Tablets Can Unlock True Omni-Channel Inventory Systems

    Retailers must equip associates with technology to be able to service customers properly.

  2. Retailer’s Rapid Growth Necessitates Change In Demand-Forecasting Solution

    Luxury lingerie retailer Journelle implemented a new solution to optimize demand forecasting, inventory planning, and replenishment.

  3. Invoice Management Reduces Energy Costs

    An invoice management program enabled $25 billion Staples to reduce its carbon footprint by 7% as well as lower overall energy costs.

  4. Velocity And Visibility Driving Today’s Supply Chain

    As business pressures mount, retail supply chain professionals need to increase supply chain speed and collaboration.

  5. Unravel The Knot Of Supply Chain Software

    Retail channel and geographic growth often create supply chain discord, creating a new urgency for processes to drive systems decisions.

  6. Voice Picking In Retail

    In an on-demand world where customer service is key, voice picking can have many benefits for the retailer.

  7. Pep Boys Launches Companywide TMS

    The company aims to improve supply chain visibility, accuracy, and efficiency with an upgraded transportation management system.

  8. Where Returns, Customer Service Collide

    A combination of slick technology and savvy management can create an unlikely, yet blissful, marriage of merchandise returns and customer service.

  9. DSD And CD Delivery Methods Drive Change Within The Supply Chain

    Direct delivery methods are being utilized to speed up the supply chain and be more responsive.

  10. Navigating The Risks Of Global Trade

    The risks associated with global trade are as diverse as the countries themselves.