Magazine Articles

  1. Removing Silos In Inventory, Workforce, And All-Channel Strategies Is A Top Priority For Retailers

    Cross-vertical cooperation within the company structure is key to retail growth.

  2. Retail Workload Planning: Is Your Store Ready For The Customer?

    An intricate workload planning program can help your labor force fulfill your needs as well as the needs of the customer.

  3. Rugged Tablets Boost Poundland’s Productivity

    This discount retailer replaced its outdated trolley-based data management system with a rugged tablet capable of withstanding the unique conditions of the warehouse environment.

  4. Holiday Logistics: Give Consumers An Out-Of-The-Box Experience

    The rise of omni-channel retailing has created more choices for consumers, requiring retailers to make innovative logistical decisions.

  5. The Path To Compliance: Paved With Collaborative Technologies

    Philosophies on how to achieve vendor compliance might differ, but communication is the common theme underlying compliance-enabling technologies.

  6. Product Life Cycle Visibility

    The retailer’s challenge is to manage global sourcing with an enterprise view.

  7. The Dune Group Doubles Fulfillment Rate

    The fashion and footwear retailer implemented multiple management systems to improve fulfillment and inventory control chainwide.

  8. Mobile Technology: Helping, And Hurting, Sales

    As technology has a greater influence on retail, it is important to have an integrated technology philosophy.

  9. In-Stock By Popular Demand

    The closer you can align the mechanics of your replenishment effort with channel-specific points of demand, the fewer stock-outs you’ll suffer.

  10. Retailer’s Rapid Growth Necessitates Change In Demand-Forecasting Solution

    Luxury lingerie retailer Journelle implemented a new solution to optimize demand forecasting, inventory planning, and replenishment.