Magazine Articles

  1. Merchandise Management — It’s All About The Customer

    Understanding there is no “I” in customer is key to successful strategies for assortment, price, and the channel.

  2. Fufillment/Order Management

    Take a look at some of the leading companies helping retailers with fulfillment and order management in today’s rapidly changing consumer environment.

  3. The Mobile Retail Associate: 4 Best Bets And Best Practices For 2013

    The need to arm associates with mobile devices is well-defined. The applications, hardware, and networks are market-ready. Now we face the biggest challenge: the systemic and operational change necessary to make it all work.

  4. Slash Receiving Time & Chargebacks With EDI

    Outsourcing electronic data interchange (EDI) enabled specialty retailer Retail Concepts to reduce shipment receipt activity from hours to minutes and minimize vendor chargebacks.

  5. New POS Drives Big Integration Benefits

    Camping World realized more than $1 million in labor savings and drove double-digit sales gains through tight integration of its POS and retail systems.

  6. The 2013 Retail Supply Chain Special Report

    The retail supply chain has gone global, and now it is going mobile with new technologies to benefit the supply chain from end-to-end.

  7. Wake Up From The Cross-Channel Nightmare

    Back end retail systems often struggle to keep pace with front office and consumer demands. That’s playing out right now in the cross-channel retail supply chain.

  8. Retailers And Inventory: The Importance Of Accuracy

    Capitalize on new technologies and shift the burden of tagging to the source to increase sales.

  9. Stage Stores Manages One Inventory For All Channels

    The key to retail growth is doing more with less. This can partly be accomplished by operating one supply chain that services all of the sales channels.

  10. Mobility Hits The Supply Chain

    Mobility has already made its way from the consumer to the in-store associate. Now it is making its way into the hands of the DC/warehouse associate.