Datasheet | February 25, 2010

Datasheet: Yard Tracking & Management System

Source: Zebra Enterprise Solutions

The Yard Tracking and Management System (YTMS), developed by WhereNet, part of Zebra Enterprise Solutions, is a yard planning, management and execution solution that leverages wireless location and communication technologies and configurable business rules to optimize yard operations and the systems with which they interface. YTMS was designed for yards that require fast throughput, accomplished through faster gate transactions, efficient parking assignments, fewer yard moves, and greater door turns. While the scheduling system is used for planning expected arrivals and departures, the execution system responds to unplanned events based on business rules that are configured for your particular operations. The combination of effective planning and exception handling allows the YTMS to direct the right trailer to the right door at the right time.

In addition, YTMS interfaces with back-end Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) and Transportation Management Systems (TMS); systems using real-time and batch data processing, enabling seamless operations between related operations groups. The YTMS also provides inventory, pickup, and alert information to carriers, resulting in a more effective management of equipment inventory within your site. For yards that are challenged with processing high volumes of trailers carrying time-sensitive cargo, the YTMS can be deployed with Real Time Location technology (RTLS) to enable automatic yard inventory and/or fast gates. RTLS eliminates the need for manual yard checks and trailer search time, resulting in greater driver and warehouse personnel efficiency.

The combination of YTMS's flexible rules with real-time, up-to-the-minute information allows you to be more informed and make smarter decisions about your overall yard operations, therefore, product and equipment move through the yard with greater fluidity, even when the yard becomes congested. As a result, you can achieve increased yard throughput, door turns and equipment utilization while reducing detention and demurrage expenses. In addition, enabling fast yard throughput means doing more with less, less space, less resources, and less doors, but it also increases the speed at which the equipment moves through the yard, thereby reducing order-time-to delivery windows and warehouse overtime.

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