News | December 1, 2021

Waybridge Unveils Advanced Forecasting Features To Bring Stability To The Supply Chain

Commodity trade management solution adds "crystal ball" capabilities to its platform through Stock & Flow and Monthly Physical Position features

New York, NY /PRNewswire/ - Waybridge, the supply chain platform for raw materials, is transforming the way raw material inventory is tracked, enabling more effective planning and efficient operations within the commodities supply chain.

The company announced today it has added two breakthrough automated reports to its platform, the Stock & Flow and Monthly Physical Position reports. Both reports address the challenge of knowing current and future inventory positions by aggregating data from shipping forecasts, real-time shipment locations, predicted ETAs, and production plans into a comprehensive set of reports that update in real time. This form of supply chain visibility has never been done before in the commodities industry.

Raw materials producers, consumers, and traders monitor their positions daily to properly allocate material, avoid stock-outs, and plan trades. However, monitoring a position is made more challenging because critical information is siloed in different formats and systems. Current supply chain disruptions demand that all companies, especially those focused on commodities, have the ability to predict and adapt to rapidly changing factors. Delays in raw material supplies can result in productivity loss and missed performance goals.

"The commodities supply chain is the foundation of the global economy. Our partners need access to the most advanced solutions to ensure its resiliency and sustainability," said Scott Evans, co-founder of Waybridge. "Optimizing the entire global raw materials supply chain is a tall order. These latest features are helping our clients hit both production and performance goals and objectives in a way that was not possible before."

The added features enabling Waybridge customers to keep up with delayed shipments, new production forecasts, and cancelled orders — without having to manually create a report — come in two forms. Stock & Flow showcases physical inventory positions in real time, broken out per day over the nearest dated weeks. The Monthly Physical Position report provides a broader view of the entire year broken out monthly. Both features update in real time and remove the need to manually check order statuses, providing a complete view of one's current and expected inventory levels.

Waybridge is a fully-managed product built on the latest technologies in a cloud-based infrastructure. Waybridge combines the knowledge of a diverse group of industry leaders from the commodities, supply chain and B2B technology spaces with 24/7 support, alerting and monitoring to provide solutions to meet even the most complex of its customers' use cases. The company recently became SOC 2 certified, enabling Waybridge to provide its partners with the necessary confidence to manage their raw material transactions and keep their critical data safe within the platform.

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Waybridge provides unprecedented visibility into the commodities supply chain, connecting all parties and partners onto a single intuitive platform. Our platform allows customers to have end-to-end visibility into their physical materials transactions. Waybridge blends the expertise and vision of founders Brian O'Kelley, Scott Evans, and Andrew Sweeney to create an intuitive platform that makes the exchange of raw materials smarter, faster, and better. Learn more at or reach out to us on LinkedIn or Twitter.

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