Datasheet | February 24, 2010

Datasheet: Vehicle Tracking & Management System

Source: Zebra Enterprise Solutions

The Vehicle Tracking & Management Solution (VTMS) provides realtime information to track, measure and manage vehicles anywhere within the facility, both indoors and outdoors. VTMS is a groundbreaking step in automating vehicle tracking and management in today's vehicle assembly, delivery chain and fleet operations and is the first solution to provide real-time information to today's manufacturing management community. VTMS allows a vehicle manufacturer, delivery chain or fleet operation to know in real-time or historically exactly where the vehicle is located or has been, with accuracy to within 3 meters. VTMS communicates the physical location of vehicles either by zone, parking slot, and/or intelligent interactive graphical mapping. VTMS is designed to support either repetitive or job-order manufacturing operations, with a focus on areas of the business and processes where units are "off-line." These off-line areas typically include post-assembly verification and test processes, as well as quality repair, containment and shipping zones. Off-line processes are frequently a forgotten segment of lean manufacturing and VTMS is one of the world's first systems to drive efficiency and optimization in this area.

In a VTMS solution, an RFID tracking tag is placed in each vehicle typically before the vehicle enters the off-line processing areas. Supported by a standardized ANSI 371.1 and IEEE 802.11 infrastructure, the solution delivers real-time tracking information of the vehicle as it moves through off-line certification, repair and containment areas with constant location data for each vehicle. In addition, beyond the ability to locate a vehicle on demand, the tracking data can be used to monitor such things as adherence to process, process cycle time, and dwell time analysis for off-line areas.

VTMS provides for accurate planning, execution and monitoring of performance — making it the ultimate support tool for improving processes and creating efficiency in off-line manufacturing areas.

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