Newsletter | September 21, 2004

9.21.04 -- Transportation Resource Planning: A New Approach To Transportation Management
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From The Chief Editor
Not surprisingly, lean will be a prominent topic at the APICS fall conference (October 10-13 in San Diego). Click on the following link to see Kurt's Picks — Lean Track.

In addition to these APICS sessions, check out Lilly Software's breakfast seminar on lean manufacturing on Wednesday morning from 7:00 A.M. to 9:00 A.M. PT at the San Diego Marriott, 333 West Harbor Drive.

Featured Articles
Radio Frequency Identification Tags For Tracking Plastic Pallets And Reusable Containers
Transporting things in quantity efficiently is an activity that affects cost and profitability across the supply chain. One of the latest tools to manage quantity distribution is radio frequency identification (RFID) applied to plastic pallets and reusable plastic containers (RPCs). Submitted by Intermec Technologies Corporation

Defining Transportation Resource Planning: A New Approach To Transportation Management
Transportation resource planning (TRP) allows retailers and manufacturers to discover transportation value within their global supply chains. With TRP's holistic and heuristic approach to transportation management, retailers and manufacturers realize immediate, short-term, direct transportation cost reduction while positioning the enterprise for long-term success with a more competitive supply chain. Submitted by Americas Systems

Developing A High Performance Order To Cash Process
Asking the right questions, formulating the right plans, making good decisions, and then successfully executing your plans are, in part, the art and science of management. The impact on the company can be immediate and long lasting in either a positive or negative sense. Submitted by R. Michael Donovan & Co., Inc.

Meeting New Hours Of Service Challenges
The effects of new U.S. Department of Transportation (DoT) hours-of-service (HOS) regulations are being felt far beyond the drivers who transport loads. By placing new, stricter limitations on how many hours truck drivers can work and the off-duty time required between shifts, the DoT effectively put new requirements on entire supply chains to be more prepared and efficient. Submitted by Intermec Technologies Corporation

Top News Stories
SAP TechEd '04 To Be The Largest SAP NetWeaver Education Event Of The Year
Flexcut Implements Lilly Software's VISUAL Repetitive Manufacturing
Featured Products
CatalystCommand Inventory Optimization
With CatalystCommand Inventory Optimization, you'll eliminate excess stock, reduce lost sales, and minimize cost and time resulting in greater competitive advantage and increasing cash flows. Request more details on this product.

Epicor eDistribution
Epicor eDistribution provides comprehensive functionality designed to meet the distribution needs of your business, whether you handle bulk items or manage serial or lot-controlled items. Get more details on this product and how it can impact your distribution channels.

Optum Solution Sets
Optum's Solution Sets empower companies to reduce overhead costs by increasing overall visibility, removing many expensive manual management functions, and eliminating the excess inventory that is often stockpiled in typical forward and reverse logistics execution systems. Request more information on this product or schedule a demonstration.

Down To Earth Sales Analysis
You don't need a crystal ball to forecast sales and spot business trends — you just need a solid sales analysis system. Down To Earth Sales Analysis gives you a statistical and/or visual display of your sales activities. Get more information on this application.

VAR Locator
Attention Resellers And Integrators
Get listed in the VAR Locator absolutely free. The VAR Locator assists end users in their search for solutions providers that offer technology answers to their business problems. By pinpointing those listed in the VAR Locator, an end user can target those providers that not only service their region, but also offer solutions for their business issues. Access the VAR Locator today.
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Vantage Workflow Management
In the current manufacturing economy, it is imperative that midsized manufacturing companies are reactive and flexible so they can meet the needs of a dynamic marketplace. For companies to achieve this, they must be in total control of their business processes so that key business decisions aren't forgotten in the mass of transactions and actions that are made every day. Submitted by Epicor Software Corporation
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ERP Tools, Techniques, And Applications For Integrating The Supply Chain
Industry Events
Low Cost, Rapid Partner On-Boarding: Enable Your Supply Chain
Dr. Steve Banker, service director of supply chain management with ARC Advisory Group, will discuss the capabilities and resources required to enable a rapid, low-cost, and effective partner on-boarding approach, and how to ensure that you are able to provide real-time visibility with clean and accurate data.
The Next Generation Of Technology
Thursday, September 23, 2004
Join Yvonne Genovese from Gartner Research and Epicor's manufacturing industry executives to hear about the manufacturing software trends you can exploit to thrive and gain a leadership position in the globally extended manufacturing economy of today and tomorrow.
Rapid Development In Response To Pervasive Change
IT infrastructures that support demand-driven supply chain networks must evolve as quickly as do the dynamic business processes involved. Tune in to learn how your organization can build applications to meet emerging business requirements in just weeks and adapt them to business and regulatory change in just hours.
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