Training Courses

Source: Exact Software North America
Exact Software training professionals understand your need for mission-critical training, both during your implementation and after. That's why we have developed a comprehensive training program flexible enough to meet your own specific requirements.

Macola ES Training Courses range from basic accounting functionality to material requirements planning and warehouse management. Using a blended approach, Macola ES offers traditional classroom training designed for project team members that require quote-to-cash training or product certification, as well as targeted e-Learning courses for users to learn the "how to steps" needed to perform their jobs efficiently.

Traditional Classroom Training includes:

Financial Accounting Distribution Advanced Manufacturing Payroll

Macola ES traditional classes are conveniently located in our regional training centers including Andover MA, Marion OH, Dallas TX and Los Angeles CA. Traditional classes are also available from one of our certified resellers located throughout North America.

Live e-Learning includes:

Budgeting Bank Reconciliation Inventory Management Purchasing Production Order Processing Order Entry and RMA Event Manager Excel Add-in

Macola ES internet-based courses deliver training to you in concise 1-2 hour sessions using advanced e-Learning technology to provide you the with the most interactive e-learning experience possible, without ever leaving your office. For more information call 1-800-468-0834 ext 174.

e-Synergy Training Courses are offers courses for its customer and business partners:

Basic e-Synergy Functional Training Advanced e-Synergy Functional Training e-Synergy Implementation Training Exact Software Development Kit Training Exact Template Solution Training

Most of these courses are offered online for your convenience. Classroom-based training is offered regionally. Exact maintains large training facilities at its Andover MA, Columbus OH and Huntington Beach CA locations. In addition, each Exact regional office has a smaller training facility to handle training for individual customer business partner teams.