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TNT Deploys V3 Systems

TNT Express recently announced that it uses V3 Systems as its core inventory management engine in TNT's new Returns Management Authorization (RMA) fulfillment system, which it recently deployed across Asia. V3 Systems personnel also served as implementers for TNT Express' RMA, bringing 78 Facilities in 9 Countries "live" within 90 days, all from a central Singapore location.

TNT is launching its newly-enhanced proprietary IT system, Helix r2.0 (Express Logistics Information Exchange System)-a web-based returns management authorization fulfillment system-to manage after-market service parts. By collaborating with supply chain logistics implementation and software expert V3 Systems, and supply chain integration partner Holon Corporation, TNT Express has created a reverse logistics, service parts logistics, and fulfillment solution for manufacturers and suppliers of telecommunications, computer, medical, industrial and high-tech, high-value equipment across Asia.

The TNT network implementation is the largest single installation leveraging V3 Systems' Toolkit solution to provide Configure-to-Order WMS and inventory visibility capabilities. V3 Systems enables TNT to automate the process of matching demand and supply across a multiple-country network in the Asia-Pacific region. This innovative solution allows real-time visibility of inventory disposition for TNT, its customers, and its customers' customers, as it provides the ability to collaborate in real-time with the entire networked supply chain.

"This solution is unique because it addresses both automation at a network level and delivers Tier-1 execution capabilities over large geographic areas that are in many ways technologically underdeveloped. These combined capabilities create substantial value for customers by managing their service level network inventory in the most optimal manner," says Pieter Verwey, Managing Director of Holon Corporation.

"We have long recognized that reverse and service logistics is an emerging and critical aspect of supply chain management, and, as a result, the speed at which we were able to rapidly deploy this system has allowed TNT Express to establish its presence quickly in this growing market," said Ashley Campbell, President and CEO of V3 Systems. "We are extremely pleased that the inherent scalability of our technology was used so effectively in a project across so many countries with highly variable technology infrastructures."

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