Newsletter | February 16, 2005

02.16.05 -- Take The Guesswork Out Of Technology Planning

February 15,
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National Manufacturing Week (NMW) is a truly unique, exciting industry event that covers all areas of manufacturing through eight separate, yet interrelated events held simultaneously and sponsored by the National Association of Manufacturers. Industry professionals will need to attend this event as no other will encompass the education, new products, and networking of NMW. Register today.

From The Chief Editor
This year's National Manufacturing Week (March 7-10 in Chicago) includes an eight-session track on — you guessed it! — RFID. Within NMW's National Enterprise IT sub conference, this track spans Monday and Tuesday mornings and opens with a roundtable (8:30 Monday morning), discussing what can and should be done to put RFID to work in your warehouse. The panel includes IBM Global Service's RFID practice leader, Sean Campbell; AIDC industry veteran, John Hill; Zebra Technologies' RFID Manager, Matt Ream; and WMS vendor Provia's COO, John Pulling. Click here for more information.
Featured Articles
Mobile And Wireless Technology In Food Retailing
The purpose of this white paper is to examine trends and emerging technologies and to suggest the ways that wireless mobile technologies can bring solutions to help retailers achieve competitive advantage. The focus of this paper is on in-store systems but ranges beyond the four walls of the store to examine trends in both the supply chain and the retailer-consumer interface, wherever that may be. Submitted by PSC

Take The Guesswork Out Of Technology Planning
SAP value-based services for mySAP ERP can help shape the future of an enterprise by taking the guesswork out of IT planning. Whether you are developing proof of concept, evaluating potential return on investment, or developing a road map for future deployment, SAP value-based services for mySAP ERP can reduce risk, ensure maximum return, and support your long-term business goals. Submitted by SAP

Example Of Detail Calculation Justification For Better Factory Execution
The increase in profitability that you can expect from using FACTIVITY due to cost-of-goods sold decreases, operating expense decreases, and sales increases can be significant. Payback can be measured in months for a typical manufacturing firm. Submitted by SYS-TEC Corporation

The 5-Cent Supply Chain Solution
AIDC and supply chain execution systems have always begun with measured assessment of current operations, establishment of realistic performance improvement targets, and development of an implementation plan that defines ALL tasks, user/supplier responsibilities, schedules, milestones, and related costs. Your approach to RFID assessment should be no different. Submitted by ESYNC

Top News Stories
Briggs And Stratton Achieves 20% Productivity Improvement With RedPrairie's Productivity Management Solution
O'Reilly Automotive Standardizes On Vocollect Voice-Directed Work Solution
Intelleto Releases Pioneering Bar Code-To-RFID Solution For Retail Point Of Sale And Supply Chain Management
Featured Products
Falcon 4620
Designed for the harshest environments of the warehouse or loading dock, the Falcon 4620 features your choice of the latest Microsoft Windows operating system coupled with a powerful 800 MHz processor. Request more information on this product to see how your warehouse or loading dock can be improved.

RedPrairie Industry Solutions
RedPrairie has almost 30 years of experience creating these tailored solutions for premier customers in many key markets. RedPrairie has tailored its solutions for each of these markets with the processing they need to maximize their supply chain results. Schedule a consultation or request more information on solutions available through RedPrairie.

Oracle Demand Planning
Oracle Demand Planning enables companies to collaborate across their extended supply chains in Internet time. Collaborative forecasting results in improved demand visibility, which is an imperative for all e-businesses. Request a quote today.

Demand Solutions Forecast Management
DS Forecast Management (DS FM) is the forecasting engine and data warehouse of choice for effective supply chain management. By providing an easy-to-understand window to your inventory and production conditions, sales and production personnel are free to concentrate on maximizing profits. Tell us about your supply chain management issues and we will show you how this forecasting solution can help.

Warehouse Management
While embracing evolving technologies, MARC Global delivers a highly configurable WMS solution that ensures outstanding inventory management capabilities, process integrity, and superior communications and tracking throughout the supply chain, providing customers in high integrity and highly regulated industries with a competitive advantage. Evaluating WMS solutions? Tell us about it.

Looking for a forecasting software solution?
Click here.
Featured Download
A Complete Software Evaluation Guide For Small And Midsize Wholesaler Distributors
This guide is designed to help wholesale distributors manage the entire software evaluation cycle from needs analysis and budget planning through software selection and implementation. Submitted by Best Software
Featured Book
Supply Chain Management (APICS Series On Resource Management)
Industry Events
More than just a theory: How can ERP support a demand-driven supply chain?
Wednesday, February 16th
2:00 PM ET

Demand-driven manufacturing requires a combination of lean, just-in-time, sSix sigma, distributed order management, and vendor-managed inventory-all supported by an appropriate IT infrastructure. Tune in to this Manufacturing Business Technology Executive Broadcast to learn how Wika-a manufacturer of more than 30 million gauges, diaphragm seats, transmitters, and thermometers annually-has moved toward a demand-driven operations model by implementing lean in the enterprise and supply chain.
Think Inside The Box! Keys To Increasing SMB Revenue
Wednesday, February 23rd, 2005
11:00 A.M. Pacific / 2:00 P.M. Eastern

Join this Webinar to learn Intermec's solutions for the small to midsize market.

Automated bar code data collection can help companies improve productivity and profits. And getting started is more cost-efficient and easier than you think.
Distribution/Computer EXPO 2005
Whether you are looking for the complete supply chain system or any application in your supply chain, you will find it at the Distribution/Computer EXPO 2005. If your input is important to your company's successful acquisition of any supply chain application, then you are among those who should attend.
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