News | January 31, 2020

Syft® Launches Version 4.2 Of Its Syft Synergy® Platform

Cloud-based clinical supply chain software enhanced with FDA national recall integration and new AI-enabled workflows

Tampa, FL /PRNewswire/ - Syft®, a leading national provider of healthcare inventory control and end-to-end supply chain cost management software and services, today released Syft Synergy® 4.2. The release comes with new high-value enhancements, many of which were initiated from requests by the Syft community, including FDA national recall database integration, AI-driven product recommendations, and additional analytics dashboards.

Through its Voice of Community program where Syft Synergy users participate in focus groups, product testing and more, Syft is able to identify new innovative tools that add value to clinical and supply chain users. With this approach, Syft has added significant enhancements in the 4.2 release including:

  • FDA integration for automated recalls – Syft now integrates directly to the FDA national recall database, automatically updating notification processes in all related functions so that end users are prompted if they retrieve or put away any items that have been recalled.
  • AI-driven product recommendations – AI and machine learning algorithms can now serve up product recommendations during final case review. This critical analysis of usage pattern data helps ensure case review completeness and compliance of procedural supply capture and costs.
  • Enhanced dashboards and analytics – Three new dashboards provide actionable insights into enterprise segments of supply chain management: operational status, team productivity and performance, and financials and inventory levels.
  • New workflows and user experience design – Enhancements to the mobile application design will increase overall productivity and ease of use.

"With the Syft Synergy 4.2 release, we're taking on several key challenges that our customers voiced to us," said Todd Plesko, Syft's Chief Executive Officer. "Notably, we're closing the gap of identifying FDA recalls by providing automated notifications at no cost to our enterprise platform customers, and we're making final case review a more efficient, seamless process through our application of AI on usage pattern data. What makes us most excited is that these enhancements were driven directly from supply chain and clinical users across the 970 hospitals using our enterprise platform. Syft not only listened, but acted, and we're tremendously excited to put these new tools in our customers' hands."

According to Syft's Chief Nursing Officer, Marita Parks, RN, MHA, "If not proactively managed, product recalls create increased patient and staff risk including post-surgical infections and injuries up to and including mortality. Our new integration with the FDA national recall database alerts clinicians of recalls if recalled implants or supplies are scanned at the point-of-use thus reducing liability issues that may arise from the inadvertent use of such items. We are proud of this new enhancement as we continue to address patient safety and clinical needs through advanced supply chain management solutions."

Read more about FDA recall management using Syft Synergy 4.2 on the Syft blog.

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