News | September 26, 2018

Surgio And SimplyRFID Announce Partnership For Fully-Automated Visibility Into The Medical Device Supply Chain In Healthcare and SimplyRFID establish partnership to offer a complete solution for the healthcare supply chain.

Scottsdale, AZ (PRWEB) -™, an emerging leader in software solutions for the management of orthopedic instrument and implant inventory as well as hospital sterile processing and perioperative solutions, has partnered with SimplyRFID, a veteran leader in tracking technology and inventory visibility solutions, announce an exclusive healthcare partnership to provide a fully integrated inventory management system that brings real-time visibility, tracking, and analytics to the entire hospital supply chain.

The medical device supply chain is inherently complex and full transparency has remained elusive for the majority of the healthcare industry. Hospitals and manufacturers alike have difficulty gaining oversight of even their highest-dollar assets.

Recent studies and surveys show that 80% of hospitals still manage their inventory via manual processes. Without tracking, up to 30% of their inventory expires on the shelves and hundreds of thousands - and often millions - of dollars in charges go uncaptured and unnecessary purchasing practices continue unabated.

The agreement combines two technology platforms that enable real-time location tracking plus artificial intelligence to reduce the potential for human error while increasing supply chain efficiencies. and Simply RFID have jointly created the most advanced software/hardware solution to provide transparency and actionable analytics to the orthopedic & spine clinical arenas.

The new partners plan to launch the products in Los Angeles this week at the North American Spine Society’s Annual Convention on September 26-19 (Booth 1135). “We are excited to see how the partnership of and SimplyRFID takes both platforms to new heights that were previously impossible. It is a real ‘1 plus 1 = 10’ scenario.” Jeff Claeson,’s Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer.

Carl Brown, President/Founder of SimplyRFiD said: "It's a perfect match! Surgio makes healthcare supply chain management simple. We make supply chain tracking simple. By bringing these two technologies together - a trusted hospital scheduling / management product from Surgio and an accurate tracking system from SimplyRFiD - we give hospitals the best solution for managing their resources. Together, we create the complete solution that improves healthcare for everyone."

About is a complete inventory tracking system created for the orthopedic and spine industry. ERP systems were not built to effectively facilitate the fast-paced logistical environment of medical device supply chains. They are complex and often rely on tribal knowledge of each system to manage effectively. Healthcare suppliers and institutions rely on to streamline communication between disparate teams to ensure continuity. By offering a user-friendly and intuitive interface, you don’t have to be a power user to manage inventory. Leverage to enhance processes and optimize supply chain strategy.

About SimplyRFID
Since its founding in 2003, SimplyRFID has been at the forefront of developing tracking technology software. With over 100 million tags shipped and thousands of systems deployed worldwide in industries ranging from defense to healthcare, SimplyRFID is the expert industry leaders turn to for tracking solutions. Its largest deployment was developed in support of a major pharma group, which chose SimplyRFID due to its 15+ years of industry-leading expertise in RF-data capture solutions. The deployment created a solution with unmatched reliability, accuracy, and scalability, enabling real-time tracking of tagged pharmaceutical items in hospitals and at healthcare providers worldwide.

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