News | August 25, 2022

SupplyPro Introduces A Revolutionary Inventory Control Device

San Diego, CA (PRWEB) - SupplyPro Introduces A Revolutionary Inventory Control Device

A historic day for manufacturing inventories under siege from supply chain shortages worldwide. SupplyPro today announced a Beta program giving key distributors and their manufacturing customers a technical preview into a completely new supply chain experience utilizing a revolutionary new technology - Inventory Shelf Tags with UStockit Software.

SupplyPro’s UStockit Inventory Shelf Tag Beta Release Program
Running out of inventory can be catastrophic for any business. The Covid pandemic has put enormous pressure on manufacturers to track and account for every SKU in their warehouse or storeroom. Working with a select number of qualified industrial distributors, the UStockit Inventory Shelf Tag System will demonstrate how stockouts can be avoided – with a low-cost, flexible, interactive solution. There are additional slots open for qualified distributors to sign up customers – there is no charge and participants get to keep the BETA hardware and UStockit Web Software afterward.

In recent years, one of the most interesting technical innovations to hit the retail industry has been Electronic Shelf Labels. These “electronic” versions of price tags use e-ink to display a price and are connected to a computer database. This labelling technology makes changing prices as easy as typing a new price into the software and clicking “send”.

Manage automated ordering, real-time inventory levels and provide replenishment alerts with SupplyPro’s leading inventory management cloud-based software. SupplyPro has taken Electronic Shelf Labels to the next level by leveraging its state-of-the-art inventory management vending technology to create interactive Inventory Shelf Tags. The Inventory Shelf Tag can be placed on any shelf or product location and with the touch of a button register consumption and transfer the information via a gateway to SupplyPro’s cloud-based inventory management software; UStockit Web. For quick identification, the tags display current inventory, product name, part number and there is a scannable barcode for easy replenishment using the hand-held scanner included or your cell phone.

The Beta program will focus on quantifying the reduction of operational costs, enhanced visibility, and improved inventory accuracy as well as evaluate labor savings resulting from fewer costly cycle counts and automation of replenishment process. According to Marcy Rivard, Product Manager for SupplyPro, “we believe this product is ideal for distributors with customers who are managing items that don’t fit into a vending machine or are looking for a low-cost, efficient inventory management solution that can’t justify the upfront cost of a traditional vending system.” She exclaimed, “what’s amazing about the Inventory Shelf Tag Solution is that an entire warehouse can be turned into a virtual vending machine.”

Ready To Join The Vending Revolution?
Floyd Miller, CEO of SupplyPro encouraged distributors to, “Join the Vending Revolution to be one of the first to experience the next generation of inventory control. BETA participants install the system, give feedback and engage with our engineers to help shape the future of inventory control.”

About SupplyPro
Headquartered in San Diego, California, SupplyPro is the leading provider of automated inventory management technologies, with a device-driven, cloud-based ecosystem that seamlessly meshes with most internal ERP systems and distributor delivery solutions. More than 1.8 million monthly users, from manufacturing to aerospace and high-tech fabrication, rely on the SupplyPro platform to increase efficiencies, profitability, and competitiveness. Leading the industry with innovative inventory control solutions, SupplyPro has launched UStockit Subscription Services offering a subscription to its powerful lineup of inventory control systems, device management, support options, and software into a single low monthly fee. For more information visit:

About UStockit
UStockit, powered by SupplyPro, is an all-new subscription service platform that brings together SupplyPro’s proven hardware and software, revolutionary inventory management products and exciting new low-cost solutions. The UStockit subscription includes expert system setup and experienced management services, 24/7 SupplyPro customer support, an unprecedented hardware warranty and SupplyPro’s industry leading intelligent inventory control software (UStockit Web, UStockit Device and UStockit Mobile) into a flexible low-cost monthly subscription. And when the subscription period is over, so is any responsibility for warehousing hardware or updating outdated technology.

All rights reserved. SupplyPro and UStockit are registered trademarks of SupplyPro, Inc. The Inventory Shelf Tag is in public Beta with a Patent Pending. The information, features and services in this document are subject to change without notice. The UStockit Inventory Shelf Tag Beta Program is subject to qualification and may be suspended at any time.

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