News | February 26, 2021

Stellar Value Chain Solutions Takes Tech-Driven Operations To Next Level, Rolls Out Infor Cloud-Based Supply Chain Solution

Infor WMS offers enhanced transparency and cost-efficiency, accelerates go-to-market strategy and creates new data-driven market opportunities

Infor today announced that Stellar Value Chain Solutions, one of the largest tech-driven consumer supply chain companies in India, has selected Infor WMS warehouse management systems to launch a minimally-configurable, digitalized supply chain service as part of streamlining its warehouse management.

Available across all distribution centres of the company, the digitalised supply chain service will offer clients enhanced transparency, visibility, cost efficiency, accelerate go-to-market strategy and leverage data analytics to identify new market opportunities.

Learn more about Infor WMS warehouse management systems:

“At Stellar Value Chain Solutions, we have successfully initiated a tech-driven supply chain transformation across the country by setting up modern distribution centres following global best practices. Leveraging Infor’s supply chain management excellence and futuristic warehouse management solutions, we have taken the transformation to the next level by rolling out a cloud-based enterprise-class Infor Warehouse Management Systems in India. This cutting-edge supply chain solution is scalable and flexible, which requires minimal reconfiguration to integrate with the clients’ tech platform. It helps us offer our diversified clientele superior real-time visibility, customised services and data-driven consumer insights. Our world-class tech-enabled supply chain solution will help our clients achieve incremental growth,” said Anshuman Singh, Stellar Value Chain Solutions chairman and managing director.

“Digitization is a fundamental reality for businesses today. Infor is proud to be a strategic partner of Stellar Value Chain Solution’s business transformation journey to help bring disruptive change to the Indian supply chain landscape. We have the deep industry experience to understand the complexities and unique technology requirements of this dynamic and fast-evolving industry,” said Ranga Pothula, Infor general manager of India business unit and senior vice president of global delivery services. “Infor’s purpose-built industry-specific solutions in the cloud will deliver to businesses unprecedented visibility into inventory, orders, equipment, and people to enrich service levels, increase product velocity and ensure support for multichannel operations.”

Infor WMS is purpose-built for industry, and combines advanced warehousing with highly configurable rules, built-in labour and inventory management, automated third-party logistics (3PL) billing and warehouse planning within a single, synchronized solution. This equips logistics players with enhanced operational visibility across their entire value chain, empowering them to better anticipate change and disruption, and mitigate risks where necessary.

The advanced cloud-based service powered by Infor helps Stellar Value Chain Solutions build a centralised system to manage infrastructure, equipment and labour efficiently. It facilitates uniformity in supply chain service offerings to all industry verticals the company caters to such as fashion, lifestyle and retail, fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG), consumer durables, automotive, to name a few.

“The enterprise-class solution is adaptive to industry-specific functionalities. Infor ION offers a flexible and easy interface between clients’ tech platforms and our cloud-based supply chain service. The best part of the cloud-based technology is that the majority of the process can be implemented remotely. The tech-enabled system makes scaling up the operations as per the demand growth easier,” added Singh.

Source: Infor