News | March 21, 2011

Saints Medical Center Signs Agreement With MHS For Supply Chain Automation Software

Saints Medical Center, a small community hospital in Lowell, Massachusetts, has signed an agreement to implement the entire Mobile Supply Chain Software Solution offering from Management Health Solutions.

Saints Medical Center signs agreement with MHS for Supply Chain Automation Software

Reducing costs and improving patient care through customized solutions designed to optimize the supply chain within hospitals and health systems

Management Health Solutions ("MHS"), a leading independent provider of inventory optimization solutions for hospitals and health care systems, is now offering Mobile Supply Chain Software Solutions. These unique and powerful compilations of services and mobile supply chain software are unparalleled in their ability to help hospitals achieve the highest level of supply chain performance.

By incorporating a three-step process of counting, cleansing and optimizing supply chain performance, these software solutions provide a comprehensive approach unlike any other in the marketplace. This application has proven effective for a multitude of hospitals across the country, which is why Saints Medical Center, a small community hospital in Lowell, Massachusetts, has signed an agreement to implement the entire Mobile Supply Chain Software Solution offering.

"We realized that MHS Mobile Supply Chain Software Solutions were the best-of-breed in the health care supply chain segment," said Steven Basiliere, Director of Supply Chain Management for Saints Medical Center. "In addition, MHS brings a whole other wealth of back-end services. By implementing MHS Mobile Supply Chain Software Solutions, we are building a great foundation and planning for success."

The implementation will take place in phases throughout a 12-month period beginning in April. The initial step will be a cleansing of the item master, which Mr. Basiliere anticipates will lower the number of items from just under 50,000 to around 20,000. Receiving and cart count will be the first of the software modules to be implemented. Within 18 months, Mr. Basiliere estimates the organization will save hundreds of thousands in outpatient services alone by ensuring accurate charge capture. Another added benefit is that the hospital will be able to carry less inventory.

"Every hospital—no matter what size—needs to be competitive," said Ken Kelliher, MHS Co-founder and EVP of Sales. By implementing the entire suite of services and products, Saints Medical Center is taking full advantage of the solutions MHS has to offer. In addition, Mr. Kelliher said the hospital will be able to use its existing Meditech system with the MHS Mobile Supply Chain Software Solution modules because the technology's open architecture allows for seamless integration, saving considerable time and money for the organization.

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