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Rugged Devices Increase Productivity And Shipping Speeds At Mueller Co.

Source: Havis
Rugged Havis Dell

Mobile computing problems in the warehouse can place undue stress on employees and operations. Whether it’s connectivity or ergonomic issues, mobile technology in the warehouse can quickly hinder productivity rather than help employees work more efficiently when not strategically planned out.

Mueller® Co. – North America’s largest supplier of products used in the distribution of potable water – was experiencing some of those issues with its existing computing system in its Chattanooga plant and warehouse. Employees reported problems in transporting data, Wi-Fi connectivity and updating inventory.

A supplier of potable water distribution products from brass fittings to fire hydrants, Mueller® is known for superior product quality and service that reduces costs for their customers, help- ing them operate their businesses more efficiently. To uphold this reputation, Mueller® set a goal to improve its own operational efficiency in its Chattanooga location.

Brad Harvey, IT Services Manager at Mueller®, began researching solutions to address the business problems that the warehouse team was experiencing. They needed cost-effective hardware rugged enough to withstand and adapt to a variety of harsh environments: from the extreme heat of its iron foundry to the excessive moisture of an environment that manufactures water products. This needed to be coupled with software that was intuitive for employees to use. On top of all that, they needed a solution to dock and mount the hardware in a secure manner that ensured both worker safety and comfort, enabling them to get the job done more efficiently and effectively.

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