News | June 29, 2020

Routeique™ Inc. Announces Strategic Partnership With MotionMiners To Develop Warehouse Optimization Technology

Routeique and MotionMiners are helping businesses enhance their warehouse operations through enhanced real-time route and warehouse optimization systems.

Calgary, AB (PRWEB) - Routeique™, a logistics and delivery management software company, is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with MotionMiners, a company specializing in manual process intelligence. The two organizations, based in Calgary, Canada and Dortmund, Germany respectively, are helping businesses improve their warehouse operations through enhanced real-time route and warehouse optimization systems.

The Motion-Mining sensor and machine learning technology collects valuable data on movement, ergonomics, and processes within a warehouse. Routeique provides real-time inventory management process data to the MotionMiner platform (MPI), which adds context to the information collected about the physical processes.

Warehouse managers can use the enhanced warehouse and inventory management tools to increase efficiency and create a fast Return-on-Investment. The system helps reduce unnecessary travel within warehouses and prompts teams to make strategic adjustments to layout and product placement. Both warehouse and fleet managers benefit from the incorporation of routing technology that is optimized for fleet and warehouse scenarios.

The Routeique Inventory Management System (IMS) mobile application enables warehouse teams to take advantage of these new enhancements. The mobile app leverages sensor data and machine learning capabilities to prompt warehouse teams to make strategic zone transfers and to optimize process order for receiving, restocking, picking, and loading - reducing overall process times.

"This partnership means we can offer our clients game-changing intra- and interlogistics process optimization. The Motion-Mining technology supercharges our warehouse and inventory management tools, increasing efficiency," says Routeique CEO & President, Mike Allan. "These enhanced warehouse optimization algorithms adds to the formidable suite of route and warehouse management tools Routeique offers."

This partnership announcement comes shortly after Routeique announced it is working with adiutaByte GmbH on this warehouse and route optimization project. Routeique's team expresses confidence that the collaboration between these three companies will continue to result in supply chain solutions that enable companies of all sizes to optimize their entire network.

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Routeique™ makes supply chains seamless. Our software and IoT solution provides an end-to-end solution for all partners in the supply chain, including order management, inventory management, routing & delivery, asset tracking and settlement. To learn more about Routeique, contact

MotionMiners -
A multitude of manual work processes take place in the industrial environment. MotionMiners' Motion-Mining technology analyses them individually according to customers' ideas regarding efficiency and ergonomics. MotionMiners' process engineers are thus able to uncover optimization potential and develop alternative courses of action.

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