News | June 11, 2024

ReposiTrak Welcomes Retailer To Expanding Food Traceability Network

Salt Lake City, UT (BUSINESS WIRE) - ReposiTrak (NYSE: TRAK), the world’s leader in food traceability and regulatory compliance, leveraging its comprehensive inventory management and out-of-stock reduction SaaS platform, welcomes a major retailer to the ReposiTrak Traceability Network® (RTN). The retailer will use RTN to collect and store the intricate, FDA-required Key Data Elements (KDEs) from its hundreds of suppliers in advance of the January 2026 deadline.

The retailer’s suppliers are joining RTN, increasing the network’s footprint in the retail grocery sector and further solidifying its role in enhancing traceability and food safety on a global scale. The suppliers who join will be able to transmit KDEs not only to this retailer, but also to other in-network retailers and wholesalers at no additional cost. This integration streamlines compliance processes across the board and improves efficiency.

“The ReposiTrak Traceability Network enables full compliance with FSMA 204 regulations through automation, while enabling traceability for any product, even those that fall outside of the FDA’s Food Traceability List,” said Randy Fields, chairman and CEO of ReposiTrak. “For our vast network of suppliers, retailers and wholesalers, we simplify the process, saving time and resources for all involved.”

The ReposiTrak Traceability Network is free for retailers and wholesalers, and suppliers pay a nominal, per-facility fee to connect to an unlimited number of in-network customers. No additional hardware or software is required, and the ReposiTrak team assists in making the connections needed to create the complete KDE Records required under the FSMA 204 food traceability law.

About ReposiTrak:
ReposiTrak (NYSE: TRAK), formerly Park City Group, provides retailers, suppliers and wholesalers with a robust solution suite to help reduce risk and remain in compliance with regulatory requirements, enhance operational controls and increase sales with unrivaled brand protection. Consisting of three product families – food traceability, compliance and risk management and supply chain solutions – ReposiTrak’s integrated, cloud-based applications are supported by an unparalleled team of experts. For more information, please visit

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