Newsletter | November 24, 2004

11.24.04 -- Reduce Variability, Lead-Time, And Inventory With New Supply Chain Execution Methods
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From The Chief Editor
Welcome back to the Supply Chain Market newsletter. Take a look at the recent press release from RedPrairie which is indicative of a growing trend among several WMS vendors to sell individual modules that "bolt on" to competitors' products. This suggests that the market for full WMS suites is reaching a saturation point. The best example of this trend can be found in the "RFID Mandate Compliance" offerings from all the major WMS vendors that purportedly bolt on to any legacy system, be it a competitive WMS suite, ERP suite, or homegrown system.
Featured Articles
Smarter Supply Chain Utilization For The Retailer
This paper introduces various supply chain concepts and explains their importance. It describes initiatives being undertaken by the largest retailers and reviews what small and midsize firms need to do to compete. Submitted by Microsoft

On Demand Trucking
Trucking in America isn't what it used to be. It's no longer the simple, straight-forward, easy-to-use, tech-free business it once was. At the same time, gone are the days of inefficiency. As we move rapidly into the "on demand" era of business where processes are ever-changing, systems are more dynamic, and customers are more demanding, changes to increase efficiency are occurring in all aspects of all businesses. Trucking is no exception. Submitted by IBM

The Costing Game: Are We Making Any Money Doing This?
How often have you heard the question "Are we making any money doing this?" and the answer "I don't know, we don't have the data." The collection of cost data that can be related to a specific functional area or to a specific customer is challenging for most warehouse managers and third party logistics (3PL) service providers. Submitted by ESYNC

High-Tech Device Manufacturer Reduces Variability, Lead-Time, And Inventory
When a leader in secure electronic payment technologies, with a fully outsourced manufacturing business, sought new supply chain execution methods for maintaining its historic revenue and margin growth, they came to Optum. Submitted by Optum, Inc.

Top News Stories
RedPrairie Makes Its Labor Productivity Solution Available To The Broader Marketplace
Matrikon Delivers ERP Solution For The Plastics Industry
Featured Products
ViaView: Supply Chain Event Management Suite
ViaView creates the power of delivery by combining Web-enabled tools with conventional decision support tools to provide access to information in your supply chain in real time. Tell us about your current supply execution requirements and we will show you how ViaView can help.

DLx(R) Warehouse
DLx(R) Warehouse offers the industry's most comprehensive WMS functionality for both process and discrete manufacturers, wholesale, retail, CPG, food, beverage, high tech, and 3PL industry verticals. Trying to reduce distribution costs, improve customer service, and create a competitive advantage? Tell us about it. We will show you how integrating DLx(R) Warehouse from RedPrairie can help.

Demand Solutions Requirements Planning
Demand Solutions Requirements Planning (DS RP) provides instant analysis of the projected demand for unlimited items against current inventory, providing the ideal inventory level for each ship-to destination. Download the complete product sheet now.

Optum Solution Sets
In response to market demand for configurable, low-risk supply chain execution solutions, Optum has developed a series of solution sets that address the types of critical business problems frequently encountered within supply chain execution environments. Discover what Optum can do for you. Request complete details.

RFID Solutions And Services from HP
HP is embracing RFID not only to increase manufacturing efficiencies in its global supply chain operations, but also to assure leadership in enabling customer compliance. Download the product brochure.

Browse The Buyer's Guide
Haven't found the information you are looking for? Access our online buyer's guide for a comprehensive list of providers and solutions available. The buyer's guide is categorized for easy navigation.
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Today's Warehouse
Thirty years ago, virtually every manufacturing organization looked at their warehouse as a necessary evil. It was simply a building to keep the weather off of the merchandise. With the emergence of such concepts as carrying cost, just in time, first-in first-out, "optimizing the cube," and license plating along with increased demands brought by complex vendor and customer compliance requirements, the distribution center has evolved into a different sort of entity. Submitted by Cornerstone Solutions, Inc.
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Fleet Management And Logistics
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Many people have more questions than answers for RFID and the EPC (Electronic Product Code) specifically. For that reason, Shorecliff Communications (in collaboration with ScanSource, AIM Global, and leading RFID suppliers) is hosting a series of one-day, information-packed, educational workshops designed with you, the integrator and VAR, in mind. Register today.

November 29, 2004
Royal Sonesta Hotel
Boston, MA
Taming Global Delivery: Solving The International Logistics Problem

In this free educational Webinar, Greg Lloyd of Precision Software and Erv Bluemner of RedPrairie will present the opportunities and challenges of global delivery and address specific new technology and workflow processes that can take the uncertainty and risk out of this growing logistics reality.
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