News | November 2, 2021

Ready Computing Expands Services To Supply Chain Management With Wellbase IT Monitoring

As supply chains continue to experience challenges, Ready Computing offers IT solutions that help clients identify issues before they become problems.

New York, NY (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) - The combination of a surge in cyberattacks, exponential growth in supplier firms, and continued pandemic-related delays poses an extraordinary challenge for businesses that rely on supply chain and logistics. Ready Computing, a leader in developing large-scale IT services and solutions, has launched its Wellbase IT monitoring and management platform as a solution to help address these challenges.

Efficient supply chains offer tremendous business advantages. That efficiency is threatened by rising supply chain cyberattacks (up 37 percent in 2021), increased complexity (two-thirds of large companies have more than 1,000 suppliers, and one-sixth have over 20,000) and delays, inflation and price increases related to COVID-19 (94 percent of Fortune 1000 companies are experiencing disruptions).

Wellbase, Ready Computing's cloud-based server and application monitoring solution, supports the optimization of complex supply chains. Ready Computing, utilizing Wellbase, provides a multi-tier support model, with innovative monitoring and IT systems management, highly secure hosting facilities, a multi-channel client communications model, and best-in-class security services.

"As logistical challenges proliferate, companies need to be proactive with their managed services and support models and respond rapidly. Ready Computing provides true technology solutions that greatly assist in achieving these goals," said Chad Root, Vice President of Managed Services, Ready Computing. "Wellbase provides real-time intelligence on production and distribution across the entire supply chain and allows businesses to forecast needs, execute plans, minimize risk and maximize profitability."

Wellbase uses agent and agentless monitoring to analyze all activities on a server and within associated applications. While monitoring, Wellbase reports data to users through customized alerts and data visualization to help identify and address issues before they become problems.

These services combine to make Wellbase a fully managed IT services experience that allows clients to focus on day-to-day business and not day-to-day operations. The platform's benefits include:

  • Secure cloud hosting. Clients benefit from Wellbase's secure and robust infrastructure capabilities for demanding enterprise environments with true business continuity and disaster recovery.
  • Managed services. A staff with more than 50 years of healthcare IT support and experience provide world-class customer care and support.
  • Proactive monitoring. Wellbase actively monitors the complete system and applications to provide proactive alerting, faster root-cause analysis, and a "single pane of glass" experience of IT support teams.
  • Coordinated response. Cohesion increases response team efficiency, and through automated and prioritized alerts and notifications, enables clients to customize how resources are engaged and issues resolved.

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