News | June 7, 2018

RateLinx Unveils New Integrated Data Intelligence Platform

Extract Supply Chain Insights from Multiple Data Streams

Madison, Wisconsin/PRNewswire/ - RateLinx, a thought leader in customized supply chain data services and consulting, has introduced its new Integrated Data IntelligenceSM platform to help shippers extract supply chain insights from their multiple data sources. Using the company's leading end-to-end DaaS approach from order through delivery, cash and payment, RateLinx integrates data from multiple data streams in real time to create an integrated data foundation.

Only RateLinx Integrates Data
While many supply chain providers aggregate or combine data, only RateLinx actually integrates data. Data from multiple sources, including supplier, forwarder, customs broker, 3PL, carrier and customer, are brought into one integrated ecosystem. Applying RateLinx advanced analytics, customers then have access to a complete and true picture of what is happening in their supply chain at any time. This information provides customers with the timely insights to transform their logistics, improve their supply chain and significantly reduce freight costs.

Data Intelligence with No IT
RateLinx offers three primary data services in its DaaS suite: Radar Track & Trace, Intelligent Invoice Management, and ShipLinx TMS. The suite is designed so integrated data intelligence is available with no IT resources required, avoiding any delays. Customers can see immediately where supply chain problems exist and how to develop and deploy strategies to create a competitive advantage.

About RateLinx
Founded in 2002 and headquartered in Madison, WI, RateLinx ( is transforming supply chain management through its customized data services and consulting. Providing a complete end-to-end solution from order to delivery, cash and payment, RateLinx is the only DaaS provider that integrates carrier invoice, track and trace, shipment and order data to create an integrated data foundation in real time. Its Logistics in 3D process (Diagnose, Develop, Deploy) combines with its Radar Track & TraceSM, Intelligent Invoice ManagementSM, and ShipLinx TMS to provide Integrated Data IntelligenceSM for increased visibility and predictive analytics to solve even the most challenging supply chain problems while reducing overall costs. Read more about RateLinx' innovative approach to logistics at

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