News | May 5, 2022

Particle Introduces Supply Secure Hardware Portfolio To Protect Customers From Disruption Amidst Global Supply Chain Delays

Supply Secure product line mitigates risk of supply chain disruption, backed by an SLA on IoT hardware delivery.

San Francisco, CA /PRNewswire/ - Particle, an integrated IoT Platform-as-a-Service, has announced the launch of its Supply Secure hardware portfolio, which delivers a resilient and dependable component supply to its Enterprise customers, allowing them to continue production during crises of supply chain disruption.

These portfolio products provide a predictable and reliable supply of chip-based components, giving Enterprise customers confidence in their production forecasts and end user delivery commitments. The majority of Particle's Supply Secure products will be available for customer prototyping in calendar Q3 2022, and for mass manufacturing in calendar Q4 2022.

"Ongoing silicon shortages — caused by fluctuating market conditions, COVID-19's continued strain on global manufacturing capacity and the demand for connected devices — has made hardware components scarce, with unpredictable lead times and unexpected discontinuation," said Chief Operating Officer, Dan Jamieson. "The inability to secure components has forced many manufacturers to either delay delivery of products, miss deadlines or lose business. Our Supply Secure hardware roadmap and diversified supplier network will always prioritize customer needs and continuity above all else to ensure minimal disruption to their operations, mitigate risk, and enable customers to continue shipping products and gaining market share relative to competitors."

To make agile migration between components easy, Particle has thoughtfully designed each element to be as similar and interchangeable as possible to its predecessor. This means customers can replace legacy SKUs with new Supply Secure SKUs without pulling product or design resources away from strategic or forward-looking projects. All designs are API-compatible and footprint-compatible with the products they replace; many are electrically compatible and require no mechanical or electrical changes at all. In addition, the Particle engineering team thoroughly tests and pre-certifies new Supply Secure components to the same degree as their predecessors.

"Delayed or unavailable components mean costly reallocation of resources or full product re-designs, which inhibits innovation, stalls product development, and delays time-to-market strategies, " said Technology Trace Co-Founder and CEO Michael Becker. "We're thrilled that the industry leaders at Particle have taken the proactive initiative in their Supply Secure product line for us to partner with confidence and be with them for the long term."

To bolster customer confidence in the Supply Secure line, Particle has backed their commitment with a Service Level Agreement (SLA) to Enterprise customers. This means that hardware delivery is guaranteed on a predetermined timeline, with financial compensation to eligible customers if missed.

Particle's new Supply Secure products include updated offerings to the company's most in-demand and widely-used Enterprise offerings, including:

  • A new Enterprise Wi-Fi product line, which adds support for Bluetooth, a more powerful processor, more memory, and broader support for enterprise Wi-Fi configurations.
  • A global SIM device, which adds support for Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), more memory, and support for global connectivity powered by 350 cellular carriers worldwide.
  • Turnkey asset tracker devices, adding support for cutting-edge cellular and GNSS IoT chipsets as well as global connectivity.

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