News | December 14, 2021

OK Launches Platform That Solves Remote Quality Assurance And Collaboration In Supply Chains

Hong Kong /PRNewswire/ - Technology company OK is launching a new SaaS platform that enables remote oversight and quality control in supply chains. While facilitating business growth in a global circular economy, it also closes supply chain loops and reduces the Cost of Poor Quality (COPQ).

Global brands face increasingly complex compliance and logistical challenges, currently aggravated by COVID-19 related shortages and travel restrictions. This has made remote quality assurance and oversight capabilities critically important.

OK's all-inclusive platform is built to solve these challenges. Replacing rigid and outdated market alternatives with a revolutionary new approach, it enables collaborative work and documentation on moving products in the supply chain through QR codes.

Founder Kristofer Thorsell said:
"Doing the right thing and doing it the right way should be easy. As demand for quality management, transparency, and sustainability grows, the need for an intuitive and lean solution does too. OK is set to grow with its customers well into the future."

Currently, the production industry is limited by inefficient end-to-end information flow, with 69% of companies admitting they are yet to achieve complete visibility (Zippia, 2021). Many suppliers want to connect with buyers and end-users, but don't know how.

Scanning a QR-enabled OK label allows any worker in a supply chain to perform inspections or add to the documentation of an item or batch. Customers can also scan the labels to report issues or access any work made public along the way.

By providing an intuitive and user-friendly platform at a transparent and competitive subscription price, OK offers businesses of all types and sizes the opportunity to take control of their supply chains and safeguard their continued growth.

About OK
OK delivers an AI-powered end-to-end supply chain, product lifecycle, and sourcing management platform for the 21st century. Through the QR-enabled OK label; manufacturers, buyers, and consumers of millions of products can collaboratively build brand value with real-time and transparent documentation, compliance, and quality assurance. Founded in Sweden and headquartered in Hong Kong, OK empowers enterprises globally to intuitively close the loops in their supply chain, automate repetitive tasks and remote oversight; and maintain growth in a global circular economy with social, financial, and environmental sustainability. Visit to learn how leading brands are contributing to an OK future.

Source: OK Grade

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