News | September 19, 2008

New Supplier Portal Developed By ICG Consulting Will Save U.S.Foodservice Millions Of Dollars Annually

Financial back office consultant/developer ICG Consulting announced recently that it has completed implementation of a comprehensive, multi-phase Supplier Portal solution for U.S. Foodservice. The final phase of the Supplier Portal deployment was Dynamic Discounting capability, which is commonly referred to as "Accelerated Payment" by U.S. Foodservice.

According to U.S. Foodservices Sr. VP of Financial Shared Services Mike Noble, his company will save significant monies with this new system. "We were able to justify this project with the savings we will derive from the accelerated payments feature. We anticipate U.S. Foodservice will save several million dollars annually from our accelerated payments program when fully launched" said Noble.

Jim O'Rourke, ICG Consulting's Director of Business Development, is used to hearing these types of statements once his company finishes a job. "We make it our business to save our clients money" said O'Rourke. "In U.S. Foodservices case, it was streamlining the millions of transactions between U.S. Foodservices thousands of suppliers. We did this by implementing a comprehensive solution that included on-line payment inquiry, supplier self-service, web-based invoice submission, collaborative dispute management, as well as dynamic discounting / accelerated payments. Taken together, these features are enabling both U.S. Foodservices and their suppliers to save significant transaction and supply chain costs."

In addition to U.S. Foodservices benefitting, Noble noted that the company's suppliers have taken note as well: "Not only has U.S. Foodservices realized substantial economic benefits from the Supplier Portal, our suppliers have reacted very favorably to this new business tool, and the onboarding of our suppliers has exceeded our expectation."

Indeed, the reaction has been so favorable that according to O'Rourke, many of the suppliers have been impressed enough to contact ICG about doing the same for them. "We have seen interest from a number of U.S. Foodservice suppliers in implementing a similar solution for their operations." said O'Rourke "In fact, we have already secured an agreement with a major supplier of U.S. Foodservice and we are currently in the process of deploying a similar solution for them."

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SOURCE: ICG Consulting