Mx Suite

Mx Suite
Live Key Performance Indicator monitoring and trending. Strengthen customer relationships with timely and accurate order promising. Improve capital equipment utilization in the planning and scheduling process. Eliminate production losses through event-driven notification of unplanned events.

Give customers real-time visibility into order status
Guarantee delivery quotes with live ATP and CTP
Take Customer Relationship Management to the next level

Analyze organizational performance and opportunities to improve.
Identify and resolve unplanned supply-chanin and production events
Know where and when to apply resources to improve performance.
Diagnose discrepancies between tactical business plans & actual performance.

Planning and sequencing for assembly line manufacturing.
Satisfy complex sequencing constaints.
Configure and build Just-In-Time.

MxAPS - Matrikon's APS Solution
Develop executable manufacturing schedules that deliver.
Maximize capital equipment and manpower utilization to boost throughput.
Identify, track, and manage bottlenecks

Executive Decision Support
Predictive performance monitoring for Key Business Indicators.
Identify and analyze variances.
Live multi-plant performance monitoring.

Shop Floor Monitoring and Control.
Better utilize capital, fixed assets, and human resources.
Identify and minimize the impact of unplanned events.
Distribute real-time production schedules.
Collect and archive shop floor data.

Business Partner Communication Communicate seamlessly with suppliers and distributors.
Track part requests and delivery commitments.
Monitor supplier performance vs. service level agreements.