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Microsoft Business Solutions for Manufacturing gives your mid-size business the same kind information-leveraging power that has been available only to large manufacturing organizations. It's comprised of integrated and highly customizable systems that save time and money through every phase of your business – from e-commerce to accounting, from suppliers to customers.
From forecasting to quality assurance, Microsoft Business Solutions provides integrated manufacturing applications with the tools you need to execute a world-class manufacturing operation, and helps you increase productivity and achieve profitable growth rapidly. Our solutions are designed for small and mid-size companies – companies like yours, which need the same technology advantages enjoyed by larger competitors, but at a lower cost, and with simple deployment, easy management and minimal risk.

You also need speed, quality and customer service. If the software that controls your manufacturing processes can't provide all three, you may find yourself at a distinct disadvantage in an increasingly fast-paced economy. Your manufacturing software must allow you to deploy your resources to their fullest, while ensuring a seamless flow of information between different operations and departments.

Our solutions for manufacturing companies are up to the challenge. They are made up of integrated and highly customizable systems, including accounting, supply chain management (SCM), customer relationship management (CRM), and other vital applications that comprise a complete business solution.

The fully featured SCM system can help increase customer loyalty through better responsiveness, empower your pursuit of new market opportunities and boost your profitability through efficient collaboration with partners. Other systems allow you to better manage resource planning, production and other aspects of your manufacturing process to help manage personnel, ensure smooth production cycles, and respond quickly to changing customer needs for a competitive advantage.

With Microsoft Business Solutions for manufacturing, your business applications share a common code set and the Microsoft .NET and development platform, so leveraging information across applications and across the Internet is now simple and effective. Plus, it extends the value of your existing Microsoft applications, including Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Project and the full range of programs in Microsoft Office.

Ultimately, you will save time and money through every phase of your business -- from e-commerce to accounting, from the warehouse to customers. It's a total enterprise solution that's simple and affordable. It can empower you to:

  • Make smarter, faster business decisions
  • Improve employee and business productivity
  • Gain a competitive advantage
With the Microsoft Capital program, you probably already qualify to have your complete manufacturing enterprise solution financed. And there's a certified Microsoft Business Solutions partner near you – ready to customize your solution to meet your unique requirements. For complete information, call 888-477-7989.