News | April 2, 2020

Mareana Launches Global Supply Chain Risk Assessment And Mitigation Tool To Reduce Impact Of COVID-19

Enterprises can start mapping their risk zones almost immediately by combining their internal data wth external data.

Princeton, NJ (PRWEB) - Mareana, a leading Enterprise-scale AI company for supply chain, today announced the launch of its Global Supply Chain Risk Assessment and Mitigation tool that helps companies with distributed supply chains—from sourcing to manufacturing to distribution to customer—instantly analyze their risks, and plan mitigations to reduce the impact of COVID-19, which is causing global disruption at an unprecedented scale.

“We are extremely aware of our clients’ exposure to risk, and have designed the tool to work almost instantly with readily available data,” said Manish Varma, CEO of Mareana. “Today, as supply chains are increasingly distributed with limited visibility into local risk factors, especially during global or regional disruptions, companies face significant challenges in managing their customer commitments. Our tools are designed to help clients gain deep visibility into what risks could disrupt their chains and proactively plan mitigation strategies.”

“The Mareana Global Supply Chain Risk Assessment and Mitigation tool uses data from clients—locations of suppliers, plants, distribution centers, customers, and so on—and public data from a diverse range of sources to produce immediate visibility dashboards,” said Vishal Prasad, Chief Product Officer at Mareana. “We give clients the ability to quickly recognize risks and changes, understand the impact and size, and make informed and faster decisions about the next best actions.”

The Mareana Global Supply Chain Risk Assessment and Mitigation tool allows clients to address their risk in 3 easy steps: 

  • Assemble the right data sources
  • Understand the various forces at play
  • Assemble a rapid response mechanism

“Clients who can leverage this instantly are those running global supply chains in life sciences, chemicals, consumer goods, and general manufacturing,—all playing critical roles in bringing much-needed products and services to people around the world,” said Manish Varma. “Our data science team has focused on an iterative data growth model that can work almost instantly, instead of trying to assemble large volumes of historic data that can take time and effort. These models are supportive of growing as additional data becomes available.”

About Mareana: Founded in 2015, Mareana, Inc is a high-growth company focused on enterprise-scale A.I. in the supply chain analytics, leveraging structured and unstructured data, and algorithmic automation. Mareana is a 2019 Gartner Cool Vendor in Artificial Intelligence across Supply Chain. The founding team brings data science, machine learning, and A.I. experience in life sciences, manufacturing, and pharmaceutical industries.

Source: PRWeb

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