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Manufacturing Quality Assurance: Mitigate Quality Risk With Business Activity Monitoring

Source: Celequest

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In today's fast-paced competitive environment, every product you make is a reflection of your company and brand. The impact of poor quality can have huge ramifications on your company's customer satisfaction, profitability, and brand equity. Today, quality metrics are being incorporated across the enterprise as part of a balanced scorecard that organizations use as a critical business measure. But superior quality does not just happen. Quality management is a business imperative that demands continuous, diligent monitoring of all critical processes throughout the entire manufacturing cycle.

In recent years, two major trends have made manufacturing quality assurance more challenging. The first is that many manufacturers have instituted a build-to- order (BTO) strategy whereby products are built upon receipt of spontaneous orders without forecast, inventory, or purchasing delays. The second is the increasing practice of collaborative design, development, and distribution among manufacturers, particularly in the automotive, pharmaceutical, high-technology, and general manufacturing sectors. As a result of these trends, businesses must now collect and analyze vast amounts of data from many disparate sources to closely monitor the quality of the manufacturing process. At the same time, they cannot afford costly delays to compute and analyze the data once it has been gathered. Manufacturers need timely information that enables them to make critical decisions and take corrective action in real time when potential quality issues are discovered. Sound difficult to accomplish? That was before Celequest.

Download the complete white paper now.