Lowry Mobile Print Station II

Source: Lowry Computer Products
Lowry's Mobile Print Station II is ideally suited for warehouses, distribution centers, manufacturing plants, enabling you to print and capture data anytime or anywhere. MPS II runs as a stand-alone printing application or connects to an existing host application via a wireless RF network for enterprise printing.
Lowry's Mobile Print Station provides you with the ability to collect and store data anywhere in your facility. With enough electric to power a terminal, printer, and scanner, you are no longer tied to an electric outlet. This is an ideal solution for shipping and receiving docks, distribution centers, wireless or RF networks, plant floors where layouts change or anyplace where on-demand or scanning is done.

Since you have the complete workstation at the location where the work is done, fewer mistakes are made. The ability to print bar code labels on a mobile cart helps you avoid costly mislabeling errors that may occur during stationary batch printing. All logistics issues with on-demand printing are solved with the MPS.

Just because the print station is mobile doesn't mean that it isn't complete. The Lowry MPS was designed with ergonomics as a key priority - the height and dimensions reduce stress while increasing productivity. The layout of the MPS is designed for workflow, with a holster for your scanner, space for your terminal, and printer positioning so the label output is easy to reach and tear. We have even included a compartment for additional label and ribbon supplies.

Now you can receive shipments immediately as they cross the receiving dock, label containers as they are packaged, and print outbound labels individually rather than in a large batch. This is especially important as more and more retailers, manufacturers and OEMs mandate compliance labeling.

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