LogicNet Plus (TM)

Source: LogicTools
LogicNet PlusTM from LogicTools is a powerful and yet, easy-to- use strategic network design product which combines a state-of-the-art proprietary solver with a friendly mapping interface. At the core of the application is a proprietary optimization solver which quickly analyzes various tradeoffs between production costs, warehousing costs, transportation costs and service requirements to arrive at the best solution.

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LogicNet Plus is a strategic supply chain design solution from LogicTools that helps firms: lower supply chain costs, align the supply chain with business strategies, and improve customer service|

Designing the supply chain to align with business strategies is a key driver of long term profitability. The number, location, and capacities of plants, production lines, distribution centers, cross-docks, etc..., form the backbone of the supply chain.

Important variables such as manufacturing costs and capabilities, transportation modes and costs, warehousing costs and capacities, taxes, duties, service constraints, etc., need to be considered to arrive at the optimal supply chain configuration.

For example, a company with 5 DCs and 200 customers has to consider 5,200 combinations of customers DC assignments. A powerful optimization engine that analyzes a multitude of inputs/outcomes is essential in order to quickly find the optimal solution.