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LogFire Announces Version 6 Of Its Leading End-To-End Cloud-Based Supply Chain Platform And Solutions

Expanded Cloud Platform Strengthen Integration, Extends End-User Configurability and Management, and Adds New Supply Chain Breadth and Depth Across the Supply Chain

Atlanta, GA /PRNewswire/ - LogFire, the leading multi-tenant cloud-based warehouse and inventory management solution and managed services provider, announces Version 6 of its Cloud Platform for Supply Chain and suite of Cloud-based Solutions for Supply Chain Execution (SCE), including Warehouse Management (WMS) and In-Store Inventory Management. LogFire Cloud-based Solutions target the business needs of multi-channel consumer goods manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers, ecommerce companies and logistics services providers (3PL/4PL) of all sizes around the globe.

LogFire, specifically architected and deployed in the cloud, and though its solution's adaptive and highly configurable approach and compliment of managed services, as well as its SaaS pricing model that included upgrades to new version and release innovation that LogFire Customers actually take advantage of each year. Ninety five percent of LogFire's live customers are on the current release – something unprecedented in the industry.

Version 6 enhancements, expanded capabilities, and new fully integrated options include:

  • LogFire Cloud Platform for Supply Chain – LogFire's proven and robust cloud-based architecture and infrastructure framework provides the foundation, operational leverage, and development platform for LogFire's supply chain solutions and integration with other enterprise, merchandising, supply chain solutions as well as Material Handling Equipment (MHE). Major platform enhancements and expanded capabilities that are already being leveraged by LogFire's customers include:
    • enhanced integration and expanded support for additional Material Handling Equipment (MHE) and Warehouse Control Systems (WCS) to manage automated warehouses from LogFire in the cloud. This includes pick-to-light/put-to-light, mini-tilt sortation, and other conveyor and sortation equipment;
    • inclusion and leverage of Jitterbit, a powerful, flexible, and easy to use extension to the data and application integration capabilities historically available as part of LogFire Integration Framework. Jitterbit's graphical "no coding" approach puts more power and control in the hands of the technical business analyst instead of developers, and accelerates and simplifies the configuration and management of integration to allow companies of all sizes to solve challenges of application, data, and business process integration between their on-premise solutions and LogFire in the cloud. LogFire's leverage of Jitterbit adds to the speed of integration definition, as well as tightly monitors data flows to and from LogFire, related systems, and trading partners;
    • expanded EDI X12 transactional capabilities including architectural enhancements leveraging Jitterbit|Complete EDI transaction sets, to speed trading partner definition, onboard mapping, and meet compliance requirements.

The above innovation enhancements are included as part of the LogFire Integration Framework, a key component of the LogFire Cloud Platform for Supply Chain and are provided at no additional cost to LogFire SaaS customers.

Below are modular components of the LogFire Cloud-based Solutions for Supply Chain Execution that are part of the enhanced and expanded Version 6 offering:

  • LogFire Cloud-based Warehouse & Inventory Management – LogFire's core and flagship solution, with constant and ongoing innovation and roadmap enhancements, industry tested in real world environments as part of every release process. Version 6 enhancements continue to extend the breadth and depth of multi-channel warehouse management and inventory management capabilities necessary to meet the business requirements, complexity, and productivity needs of Tier 1 companies, with the flexibility, simplicity, and configurability needed by Tier2/Tier3 growth companies.
  • LogFire In-Store Inventory Management – Integrated with LogFire Warehouse Management solution to provide extended inventory management for stores and/or remote locations where managing inventory and the flow of good between, and in the facilities, is critical. Enhancements include additional in-store management and fulfillment capabilities that extend management of goods in-transit and receiving, store room and off-site inventory management, in-store retail labeling when not done in advance at the DC or by the supplier, shelf replenishment of goods as well as manage store replenishments based on POS integration, management of store transfer, cycle counts and physical inventory of goods, customer and eCommerce fulfillment from the store, as well as customer returns and to-vendor reverse logistics.
  • LogFire Dynamic Fulfillment –Leveraging LogFire's overall inventory data and execution precision details, integrated with advanced planning optimization, to dynamically make best sourcing and replenishment decisions in real time, based on constraints – to system-determine which specific distribution center, warehouse, store or vendor location should be used to fulfill give order demand. Perfect for ecommerce companies as well as the retailer wishing to advance their omni-channel initiatives and improve their overall inventory management, or any multi-source enterprise operation that does not want to rely on their non-optimized enterprise or merchandise system's defaults sourcing location information for fulfillment.
  • LogFire Performance Management – Integrated with LogFire Warehouse Management and In-Store Inventory Management capabilities to provide advanced user productivity tracking and overall management of people, assets, processes and tasks. The LogFire Performance Management has also been licensed as an add-on module to fill gaps in other traditional Warehouse Management and Labor Management Systems.
  • LogFire Supplier Management – Integrated with LogFire Warehouse Management solution providing enhanced and extended capabilities to manage key suppliers, provide supplier pack-and-ship management capabilities, including product labeling for improved inventory management accuracy and flow of goods, advance shipment notification, in-transit inventory tracking, and international supplier compliance requirements for shipping and payment.
  • LogFire End-User Reporting, Analytics & Dashboards – Leveraging the power of all of the end-to-end inventory, warehouse, and store's "big data" managed by LogFire, and putting the power and control of end-user definition and layout of reports, analytics, alerts, scheduling and disposition, and graphical dashboards in the hands of business analysts without the need for IT development support. License as a separate SaaS add-on for any of LogFire's applications and in-use today by LogFire SaaS customers, provides accessed via any browser-based device, tablet or smartphone, any authorized user can access standard and one-off reports, inquiries, analytic analysis, and/or graphical dashboard views of information for most any operational or business performance purpose or need.

All Each of the above business solution can be installed together or added as part of a phased rollout to add incremental business value and benefit. Monthly SaaS pricing allows companies of all sizes to be able to afford the latest Tier 1 supply chain execution and warehouse management capabilities and benefit from ongoing solution innovation and new version releases.

About LogFire
LogFire is the leading provider of innovative multi-tenant cloud-based supply chain execution, warehouse management, in-store inventory management, and fulfillment solutions for manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers, e-commerce companies and logistics service providers (3PLs/4PLs) of all sizes. LogFire combines strong supply chain, warehousing, logistics, and retail domain expertise with flexible cloud-based solutions and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) pricing for multi-channel warehouse management and in-store inventory management needs, providing inter-enterprise as well as extended-enterprise network and total cost of ownership advantages over traditional systems. For more information visit

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