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Liaison Enhances LENS Visibility Tool On ALLOY Platform To Enable More Transparent And Predictive Supply Chains

A More Intuitive User Interface, Customizable Dashboards and API Capabilities to Connect Third-Party Systems Enable LENS to Improve Supply Chain Visibility

Atlanta, GA /PRNewswire/ - Liaison Technologies, a recognized leader in cloud-based integration and data management solutions, today announced that the company has enhanced its Liaison Enterprise Navigation System (LENS®), a key component of the Liaison ALLOY® Platform. LENS, which provides unprecedented transaction visibility, alerting, and notifications, now features a user interface that is even more intuitive as well as customizable dashboards specifically tailored to enable more transparent and predictive supply chains. With ALLOY and the newly improved LENS, leading organizations can dramatically improve the real-time visibility within their supply chains, mitigate disruptions and risks, and respond to on-demand changes with greater agility.

Up to 65 percent of the value of a company's products or services is derived from suppliers, according to CAPS Research, Institute for Supply Management, Cross-Industry Report of Standard Benchmarks. Supply chain executives must monitor and address potential supply disruptions, control costs and maximize value across increasingly complex global supply chains. That requires collaboration with suppliers, which requires the seamless exchange of data over complex networks.  Enhancing real-time visibility is one of the most impactful means to achieve an organization's supply chain goals.

LENS, Liaison's cloud-based business activity monitoring tool, provides complete transparency and real-time visibility into all business-to-business (B2B) and application-to-application (A2A) integration patterns and data flows on the ALLOY Platform. LENS delivers better access and control at the data layer while facilitating superior data governance, security and compliance with enterprise data regulations.  As a result, organizations that leverage LENS in conjunction with the groundbreaking ALLOY Platform are better equipped to mitigate risks, reduce costs and improve performance across their supply chains.

LENS Events API enables developers to connect their entire digital ecosystem, providing an opportunity to create real-time monitoring and alerts for events in third-party systems, including CRM, ERP and other business applications. With LENS Events API, users have end-to-end visualization of business workflows across systems within a single location. The ability to easily create notifications and alerts based on these events saves time and money.

The improved LENS user interface features a dashboard page where users can view aggregated transaction data and metrics. Users can easily monitor processes from a single location, create and save dashboards and share results with other users. The transactions page lets users view, filter and analyze transactional data. An events page makes it simple to monitor events in real time and set parameters to trigger notifications. A monitoring page enables users to configure and view alerts. The LENS dashboard also allows users to customize widgets for charts, trend analysis, transaction lists, transaction count summaries and much more.

"Today's supply chains are incredibly complex, so to improve efficiency, companies need advanced visibility tools like LENS that are flexible and capable of providing sophisticated supply chain information in real-time," said Jonathan Razza, Vice President for Emerging Technologies and ALLOY Program at Liaison.  "The ALLOY Platform, with the enhanced LENS component, makes supply chains more transparent and predictable while enhancing efficiency.  But just as importantly, using a modern, micro-services-based platform like ALLOY provides customers with a future-proof data integration and data management strategy to drive digital transformation in their business."

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