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Leader In AI-Driven Supply Chain Technology, Quincus, Announces Toronto R&D Expansion

Quincus Joins Tech Powerhouses In The Ontario Province With A New Female Dominated Research and Development Team

Toronto, ON /PRNewswire/ - Quincus announced today their continued global expansion with a new R&D Office in Toronto, Ontario in Canada. Quincus is the leading supply chain operating SaaS platform and works with the largest delivery company in the world. This expansion is the company's first footprint in Canada and will have a primary focus on Machine Learning, AI, and Reinforcement Learning. The research coming out of this office will not only contribute to logistics and supply chain technology, but will also be applied to numerous industries that rely on strategic location decision making, including autonomous vehicles, robotics, and video games.

Quincus has established themselves as global leaders with their AI-driven supply chain technology. They are joining Twitter, Meta, and other tech leaders who have contributed to Toronto's quiet tech boom. "The Toronto office will be our technical research hub. Ideas will be made and solidified here." says Katherina-Olivia Lacey, Chief Product Officer, and Co-founder at Quincus, "We know the work coming from this office will lead to novel innovation for the logistics industry and beyond."

Christophe Pennetier, Director of Research at Quincus, will be building and overseeing the Toronto office. He will lead the diverse, female dominated team with his 20+ years of international management and AI technology expertise. Pennetier previously worked at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory at NASA, the World Health Organization, and has founded several companies. He holds a Masters of Finance from Sorbonne, an MBA from Stanford, and a PhD in Technology and Operations Management from Insead. He has been teaching innovation for 14 years and will continue mentoring in Toronto.

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About Quincus
Founded in 2014, Quincus is a B2B supply chain operating SaaS platform headquartered in Singapore. We solve today's global supply chain challenges with groundbreaking technology. Using AI and machine learning, we have digitized and optimized the logistics process while giving customers full transparency into their supply chain.

Quincus was founded by two visionary entrepreneurs who possess more than a decade of experience in tech. Chief Product Officer Katherina-Olivia Lacey is leading a tech revolution in this space while empowering women in the supply chain industry. Jonathan E. Savoir, Chief Executive Officer, appeared on Forbes' 30 Under 30 Asia List in 2020, and also serves on the boards of several startups.

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