News | May 11, 2009

JDA Software Highlights Supply Chain Opportunities For Fleet Owners

According to the National Private Truck Council (NPTC), private fleets account for more than half of the entire trucking industry; ranging in size from over 50,000 vehicles to just a few vehicles. The number of private fleets in operation continues to grow as companies realize the advantage of "being its own highest-priority customer" and strive for consistent quality and operational excellence in serving customers. One of the largest hurdles faced by private fleet owners, however, is properly managing operational costs. In addition to driver compensation, truck purchases, lease options, vehicle maintenance and insurance, fleet owners must strive to carefully maintain a balance of outbound customer deliveries and backhauls to cover their operational costs.

The challenges affecting fleet owners are among the critical topics to be addressed by leading industry professionals at the NPTC's annual Education Management Conference & Exhibition in Nashville, Tenn. During the conference, JDA Software will join executives from Toys "R" Us and Sony Electronics to discuss how innovative strategies can offset costs and provide added value to a company's bottom line. This workshop, entitled "Fleet Opportunities in the Supply Chain," will be held on Monday, May 4 from 1:30 to 2:45 p.m. CST. JDA will share insight on how companies can synchronize supply chain operations and improve fleet management by leveraging advanced technology solutions.

Sophisticated Integrated Fleet Management Showcased During NPTC Presentation

As part of the NPTC summit, JDA will discuss how next-generation integrated fleet management solutions – such as those provided by JDA Software – can break down traditionally siloed operations and help deliver a synchronized, enterprise-wide workflow for transportation management across fleet and third-party carrier operations; providing a balance of cost-reduction, asset utilization and superior customer service.

For over 20 years, JDA has provided industry-leading solutions to support both private/dedicated fleets and an enterprise, multi-modal transportation model. As a continuation of its leading transportation management focus, JDA Integrated Fleet Management, launched in early 2008 and deployed at multiple customer sites, provides a "plug and play" approach to synergize private or dedicated fleet and third-party carrier transportation management.

This ground-breaking solution leverages the power of robust, fleet-route optimization combined with industry-leading multi-carrier, multi-modal rating, routing, capacity management, carrier and mode selection in a single transportation strategy. Distinct fleet-routing capabilities such as street-level routing supported by an industry-leading commercial road network and rush-hour modeling; driver shift optimization; long combination vehicle optimization; fleet-relay optimization; advanced order splitting and master delivery schedules provide an industry-tested framework to help increase the efficiency and profitability of your fleet.

Fleet owners have been achieving significant value with JDA's Fleet Management solution for over 20 years and can now help extend the efficiency of their fleets and lower overall transportation costs through true enterprise-wide transportation management.

JDA recognizes how critical transportation and logistics processes are to the overall success of its customers' entire supply chains. JDA's proven Transportation & Logistics Management solutions help to provide customers with tangible benefits, including:

  • Reduced Fleet Miles: Orders are evaluated to create the most efficient, cost-effective routes for fleet operations while ensuring that customer service standards and operational constraints are honored. Identifying optimal routes helps fleet owners ensure that their transportation network is operating at its maximum potential efficiency by reducing miles and fuel consumption while maintaining high service levels.
  • Improved Backhaul Utilization: Having the visibility and insight into delivery times and volumes with warehouses and store locations can help fleet owners better plan their workforce. All orders, including backhaul opportunities, are evaluated to create optimal fleet operations and maximize the use of the entire fleet. Fleet routes become an available resource and can be extended with additional stops or backhauls as new orders enter the system and overflow, or unscheduled orders are evaluated. By using JDA Integrated Fleet Management, JDA customers have increased backhaul utilization by 20 percent and achieved significant savings.
  • Increased Return on Assets: Efficiently managing logistics in today's environment can greatly impact your entire supply chain and ultimately your company's bottom line. Implementing a transportation solution that increases visibility and the communication of fleet management data allows companies to minimize cost and maximize asset utilization. By leveraging Transportation & Logistics Management solutions, JDA customers have achieved real results, including an increased return on assets by as much as 5 to 8 percent.

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