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Infor Nexus™ Launches Map And Trace To Help Companies Demonstrate Responsible Supply Chains

Co-developed with Burton Snowboards, the app connects the dots supporting the chain of custody of the final product

New York, NY /PRNewswire/ - Infor Nexus™, the single-instance intelligent supply chain network platform providing unparalleled visibility and collaboration, today announced a new product to help companies map their multi-tier supply chains and provide evidence to support compliance with regulations such as the German Supply Chain Due Diligence Act and Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act (UFLPA) and the French AGEC Law and to document substantiation for product claims.

This new application called Map and Trace, was co-developed with industry leader Burton Snowboards to help companies "connect the dots" between suppliers, their suppliers, and the transactional records supporting the chain of custody.

The process of mapping the suppliers and collecting the documentation is highly manual and first requires participation from the tier 1 supplier. Infor Nexus has more than 80,000 suppliers and factories in its network who are managing global trade processes for brands including Burton.

"We had sat through countless demos of other platforms and questioned who is going to manage another platform? We've already heard from our supply chain that 'platform fatigue' is real so when we heard that Map and Trace was in development, we jumped on the chance to co-develop it with the Infor Nexus team," says Carolyn Schmidt, senior director of sourcing & production, Burton Snowboards. "We were able to develop a solution in the system where we were already managing our day-to-day supply chain."

"We have been connecting companies to their supply chain networks to enable supply chain visibility and orchestration of global supply chain processes for over two decades. Our customers increase agility, resiliency and on time product delivery, which can reduce costs and free up working capital," says John Gularson, SVP and general manager Infor Nexus. "Now we are extending this to provide evidence of their chain of custody. Multi-tier is a natural evolution for us."

Map and Trace is the first application that will help Infor Nexus customers achieve greater transparency and traceability across the product lifecycle. Next, Infor Nexus is expecting to launch a broader traceability solution, providing a digital product identifier and helping comply with regulations such as the EU Digital Product Passport. Find out more at

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