News | May 2, 2022

Hilti Transforms Supply Chain Planning With Blue Yonder


To improve service levels while at the same time decreasing overall supply chain costs, Hilti, a world market leader in system solutions for construction professionals, chose to digitally transform its supply chain planning capabilities with Blue Yonder. The company recently completed a successful implementation of Blue Yonder’s SaaS-based Luminate® Planningsales and operations planning (S&OP) solution to support its journey to a global, integrated business planning process and a single sales forecast steering the end-to-end supply chain.

Hilti is a multinational company that sells directly to customers, averaging 250,000 customer contacts every day and launching more than 60 new product innovations per year. Seeking a standard S&OP approach to all integrated markets and over 190 production lines – same workflow, process, system and with central coordination of all levels of planning – the company turned to its supply chain solutions provider, Blue Yonder.

With Blue Yonder, Hilti now has:

  • Visibility to the potential risks and opportunities, and clear understanding of the financial impacts of each decision. This improves tactical and strategic decision making across sales, marketing, supply chain and finance.
  • Strong enhancement of visibility and analytics capabilities: standard metrics, improved reporting and analytics supported by Blue Yonder’s Luminate Platform help provide the right visibility and actions.
  • Improved process maturity: specifically, S&OP process engagement, participation, and discipline within the markets. Having the right people and seniority in the S&OP meetings allows the right discussions and decisions.
  • Powerful technology capabilities: using Blue Yonder as a common platform with drill-down reporting and volume-to-value capabilities allows the right transparency for all stakeholders.

“Today’s volatile business environment means that we must manage risks to the greatest extent possible; however, managing risks isn’t enough. Building a resilient supply chain enables us to be successful in an environment of change and Blue Yonder’s S&OP capabilities play an important role in making our operations resilient. With the help of Blue Yonder, we can not only manage risks, but also identify and take advantage of opportunities,” said Federico Scotti di Uccio, Global Head of S&OP, Hilti.

Blue Yonder’s S&OP solution provides Hilti with a cross-functional approach to integrated business planning that seamlessly incorporates all moving parts across its global supply chain. As a result, Hilti can develop actionable revenue, cost and margin targets and unite its entire supply chain around achieving them. With S&OP, Hilti can develop an integrated global sales plan, production plan and inventory plan with strong input to new product introduction and financial plan.

“Hilti’s goal was to create a single planning system, from supplier to customer, that would encompass its global operations. Our planning solutions not only fulfilled all the functional requirements for worldwide sales and operations planning, but it delivered nonfunctional requirements such as architecture, integration, performance, and security. Thanks to our cloud capabilities, they were able to launch quickly and see immediate results,” said Johan Reventberg, EMEA president, Blue Yonder.

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About Hilti

The Hilti Group supplies the worldwide construction and energy industries with technologically leading products, systems, software and services. With about 31,000 team members in over 120 countries the company stands for direct customer relationships, quality and innovation. Hilti generated annual sales of nearly CHF 6 billion in 2021. The headquarters of the Hilti Group have been located in Schaan, Liechtenstein, since its founding in 1941. The company is privately owned by the Martin Hilti Family Trust, which ensures its long-term continuity. The Hilti Group’s strategic orientation is based on a caring and performance-oriented culture and the goals of creating enthusiastic customers and building a better future.

About Blue Yonder

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