Datasheet | February 24, 2010

Datasheet: Equipment Tracking & Management

Source: Zebra Enterprise Solutions

The Equipment Tracking & Management System (ETMS) is a real-time tracking and management solution used to wirelessly track and monitor Material Handling Equipment (MHE) inside and/or outside a facility. As many manufacturing environments are large and complex, it is difficult to sufficiently manage equipment such as Forklifts (HiLos) and Tuggers used in the Material Handling process. However, the ETMS solution streamlines the management of this equipment, resulting in improved equipment utilization and increased safety.

In any manufacturing environment, safety is paramount. Material handling equipment can be extremely dangerous if not used by an authorized individual that has been properly trained. The ETMS solution provides a secure method of vehicle access and authorization that prevents the equipment from starting or moving without proper authorization.

In addition, ETMS provides vital information directly from the equipment itself, including Run-Time, Idle-Time, Battery Consumption, Lift Sensing and Impact Sensing. By utilizing this data, and closely monitoring the precise run-time and utilization of the equipment, ETMS can significantly reduce the total operating costs through proper "right-sizing" of the equipment fleet, by total quantity and by equipment type.

Frequently, operators are required to complete a Safety Checklist prior to starting their job to ensure the safety and working condition of the equipment. However, this is often a manual paper process, which is difficult to manage and prone to error with no means of ensuring the completion of all of the steps within the process, thereby resulting in a potentially hazardous situation. The Safety Checklist is a planned feature for ETMS designed to reduce this risk and ensure proper safety inspections for all managed equipment, complying with regulatory and safety standards.

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