Enterprise Software Provides A Fresh Approach To Production At Damp Rid

Founded in 1948 as Vapor Products, Damp Rid Inc. — an Orlando-based manufacturer of mildew control products — manufactured and marketed a single product, Mildewcide, for more than 10 years. Until 1960, the product was sold only in Florida department stores. However, in that same year, Vapor Products began manufacturing and selling products into other retail outlets, such as grocery stores and drug stores, marking the beginning of an accelerated growth pattern.

In 1970, the company added Di-Gas®, and in 1972, continued to expand the product line with Damp Rid's dehumidifying bucket. These additional products, coupled with an increase in distribution outlets, contributed to a new era of explosive growth. The firm recently changed its name to match its product, and is now known as Damp Rid, Inc.

Damp Rid continues to expand its domestic market share. The company also distributes its products on a global scale, with distribution in South America and Asia, as well as Australia, Great Britain, Bermuda, and Israel.

To help handle this growth, Damp Rid decided to implement Macola’s Progression Series 6.0 enterprise management software in 1996, replacing a DOS-based system that had its share of shortcomings. Damp Rid Vice President and General Manager Eric Claiborne explains the details.

"Our old system could not handle work orders, allocating, scheduling, or forecasting tasks at all," he says. "And, at times, we had to enter the same data into two different modules, which took valuable time to accomplish."

Claiborne was on the implementation team that brought in Macola. Since then, there have been some distinct improvements at this 30-employee enterprise. Improvements that reach into a number of different areas.

"Using the Macola software has given us some definite advantages," Claiborne remarks. "With the electronic data interchange (EDI) capabilities of the software, we are able to meet the requirements of some of our biggest customers."

The company recently upgraded to Progression 7.5, and has found its reporting strengths to be beneficial. "By using the Enterprise Reporting System (ERS) and Microsoft Access, we can create the queries that make the most sense," continues Claiborne.

Perhaps one of the most important features of the Macola software is its manufacturing muscle, according to Claiborne. "We have used our manufacturing modules to fine tune everything from inventory, to scheduling, to purchasing," Claiborne says. "We have reduced finished goods inventories by two-thirds. Macola also helps us maintain a two-day lead time and a fill rate of more than 99%. It has helped us eliminate the concept of back orders, and that’s extremely important in our business."

Damp Rid’s 12 users run the accounts receivable, accounts payable, general ledger, assets & depreciation, order entry, purchase order & receiving, bill of material, production order processing, inventory management, master scheduling, and material requirements planning modules every day. All operate smoothly on the Windows NT network and Windows 95/98 operating system.

With the success of the Macola implementation, Damp Rid keeps on producing one fresh idea after another.