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eComchain Extends Its Cloud-Based Solutions To ERP, Along With Its eCommerce Features

Frisco, TX /PRNewswire/ - As today's business environment advances, adopting mobile and digital technology, we find ourselves in a new era of information age and omnichannel retailing. Sales are no longer simply producing and distributing products, largely due to the growing online presence that every organization has been adopting and adapting with.

Today's business environment is giving rise to challenging and dramatic changes, such as demanding supply chains and the ability to keep up with the demands at a global level, impacting the very foundation of a company's survival in a highly competitive market. With the changing landscape, companies have been redefining their identities, redefining the value of what they offer to their consumers.

E-commerce market growth has been forecasted at an annual rate of 17% up to 2018, far exceeding the annual growth rate of 6% expected for the store-based retail market. eComchain has been at the forefront of providing the best e-Commerce solutions the industry has ever seen, with its B2B2C solutions. B2B2C e-Commerce model has only been discussed theoretically; however, eComchain has been able to demo its usefulness with its implementation for manufacturers or wholesalers, suppliers, distributors or retailers / resellers around the globe.

"With its multiple unique features, eComchain has positioned itself to be a 1-stop shop for any kind of business interested in extending its e-Commerce solutions to the backend ERP solutions such as Inventory Management, Order Management, Quote to Order and many such business processes," said Sandeep Kuttiyatur, Founder / President of eComchain and iBizSoft Inc.

This state of the art B2B2C model is unique for its multi-tenant features which allow manufacturers, distributors and resellers a way to create personalized sites for their end consumers. This also helps in the 3-way information flow between them and their end consumers. The focus is to help streamline the business processes, so that every organization can easily track the total goods sold, with visibility to the revenue at various levels throughout the supply chain. With the new ERP solutions, businesses can also manage the orders, inventory and quotes of any e-Commerce related transaction. The sales personnel can now create a quote and convert it into an order for the end consumer using eComchain. With features that include Shipment, fulfillment and accounting, eComchain goes one step further to integrate with Enterprise level ERP applications, a feature not present in any of the other e-Commerce product in the same league.

With the solutions offered by eComchain, manufacturers stand to only gain, as the future will see a further spread of relationships in which value will be generated through collaboration between manufacturers and consumers, and between consumers themselves. Based on what we are already seeing, the role of middlemen will start dwindling and retailers will be able to connect with manufacturers directly, while they sell to their end consumers. eComchain can redefine the business processes by assisting manufacturers in reaching out to the end consumers quickly and easily.

About eComchain
eComchain is a global organization which brings over 16 years of e-Commerce and ERP implementation experience. As a spinoff from the Frisco based technology leader, iBizSoft Inc., it aims to deliver innovative e-Commerce and ERP cloud solutions to customers around the globe. Its rapidly expanding team has experience in implementing over 150 e-Commerce sites and ERP applications for Fortune 1000 companies, worldwide. With more than 300 combined years of experience among team members, new technologies and functionalities are implemented every day to help businesses expand and grow. You can learn more about their team and their solutions for many verticals at

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