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Dentsu Tracking Supports The UK Government In The Fight Against Illicit Trade With The Launch Of A New Digital Track And Trace System

Geneva /PRNewswire/ - The United Kingdom (UK) has a new track and trace system for tobacco products, implemented and managed by Dentsu Tracking. The system, which was successfully launched on July 1, provides the UK government with digital, data-driven traceability functionality for the entire tobacco supply chain. The system forms an important pillar of the UK's strategy to combat illicit trade, helping Her Majesty's Revenue & Customs (HMRC) to tackle the problem of illicit trade more effectively.

“We are honored to work with HMRC and help the UK tackle the illicit tobacco trade. Our digital system is tailored to HMRC policy objectives and designed to meet the specific characteristics of the UK market. This ensures that the system provides HMRC with the highest level of visibility and government control over the entire UK tobacco supply chain,” said Philippe Castella, Managing Director of Dentsu Tracking.

Fighting illicit trade in the supply chain
Dentsu Tracking's new track and trace system harnesses the benefits of digital technology to help monitor the movement of legal tobacco products (tracking) and empower UK authorities to detect and combat the various forms of illicit trade, in order to stem the circulation of non-compliant products for which the taxes have not been paid and which do not meet all the legal requirements in terms of content and packaging. Reducing the circulation of non-compliant tobacco products allows the UK to increase national tax collection while protecting citizens and legitimate businesses.

The new system has been designed in compliance with all applicable UK and international laws, including full compliance with the FCTC Illicit Trade Protocol which requires parties to track and trace tobacco products both throughout their manufacture and at major distribution points.

Empower Government with Powerful Intelligence
By integrating world-class data analytics tools, Dentsu's system transforms data collected across the supply chain into meaningful information that helps UK authorities identify potentially fraudulent events. The new UK system provides HMRC with detailed real-time analytics, statistics and alerts, which some stakeholders have already described as “ groundbreaking ” .

“At Dentsu Tracking, we strongly believe that the added value of tracking and tracing is only strong if the level of supply chain understanding that the system provides to government agencies is also strong. Collecting data is therefore not enough. We generate powerful business intelligence that will help UK authorities carry out targeted checks and real-time investigations on the ground,” said Jan Hoffmann, Director of Government Affairs.

Track and trace obligations in the UK
All businesses engaged in the manufacture, import, export, storage, distribution and sale of tobacco products in and through the UK supply chain must use the new tracking and reporting system. traceability. Track and trace requirements have existed in the UK since May 2019 and currently apply to cigarettes and rolling tobacco. All other tobacco products will have to comply with these requirements from May 20, 2024.

Dentsu replaces previous supplier De La Rue
In November 2021, under a public procurement procedure, Dentsu Tracking, a Dentsu International network company, was appointed as the contractor for the establishment and operation of a new UK track and trace system tobacco products. Dentsu replaces the previous supplier, De La Rue.

Dentsu currently provides track and trace services to 28 governments worldwide and - within the context of regulatory frameworks - provides and operates government controlled solutions in over 40 different countries.

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Dentsu Tracking is a global leader in digital supply chain monitoring solutions, enabling governments to gain maximum visibility and control in highly regulated product markets. The solutions implemented by Dentsu Tracking are a proven international reference in the fight against illicit trade and the optimization of tax collection. Dentsu Tracking is headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland, and is a company of Dentsu International, a global leader in the digital economy with $9 billion in revenue and registered on the Tokyo Stock Exchange .

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