News | October 4, 2018

CORtracker: Cloud Support, Enhanced Security, Easy Accessibility And All That You Could Ask For In A Supply Chain Management System

CORtracker is redefining the way customers manage their stock holdings across one or several warehouses.

Farmington, MI (PRWEB) - CORtracker is a supply chain management system that integrates all of supply change management need such as Sales, Purchasing, Warehouse, product management, account management, Shipping and Receiving.

CORtracker is redefining the way customers manage their stock holdings across one or several warehouses. A supply chain management system that reduces the friction in managing the stock holdings at warehouses is an absolute necessity. However, a system that gives the authorities an instant access to the inventory data and helps manage the entire stock stored at several warehouses with the added flexibility of cloud support is still a domain very few systems offer.

CORtracker has 15 unique documents designed and engineered to meet the unique and demanding needs of the excess market. The backbone of CORtracker is the ability to quickly and easily create and link these documents, images and part numbers together. This design allows you to create a document chain that not only keeps you organized but shows your customers and suppliers you have the organization, accountability and follow through to earn their trust and business.

Keeping your excess availability and inventory products organized is no easy task. CORtracker makes organizing and accessing those products easy by supporting 5 different part number types and searches. CORtracker also provides a detailed overview of current and historical product information such as: AVAILABILITY (Supplier Offers), STOCK and CONSIGNMENT and the related sales, purchasing, returns, customers, suppliers and manufacturers on a single product detail page that is accessed from any search or document with a single click!

CORTracker is an ideal platform for industries that are into manufacturing, assembling, distribution, supplying and reselling. At a press meeting held at the development center in Michigan, Mr. Vidwath Devraj, Head of the Operations at CORtracker, elaborated the security features of the technology, “No matter how secure your management tools are there is always a chance for human error which not only leads to confusion but may also lead to alteration of the primary data as it passes through several levels of main-frame affairs. CORtracker allows you to by pass such complications by ensuring a single channel is actively rectifying errors.”

He further elaborated, “When a problem is identified the management at the client end is required to raise a ticket which is dealt with at our end by our data engineers who make the required changes in alignment with the requirements. This not only dismisses the error but also ensures that the right outflow is data is maintained from both the end. We are also working our way to automate the process which will also lead the way to automatic rectification of irrelevant information.”

Cloud based inventory management system CORTracker also gives authorities access to data related to shipment tracking, warehouse transfers and centralised selling and purchasing from anywhere around the globe anytime. This intutive platform, thus not only offers accessibility ease but also offers a rigid security since the users cannot make changes to the entered data at any given point of time.

CORtracker has already been adopted by the US market while it is expected to launch soon in India.

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