Cincinnati's Freestore/Foodbank Depends On New Business Management Solution To Operate At Peak Efficiency

Founded in 1971, the FreeStore/FoodBank ( is a private, non-profit charitable organization. The agency provides emergency services to people in need, and distributes donated and surplus food products to a network of 553 non-profit member organizations in southern Ohio, northern Kentucky, and southeastern Indiana. The agency manages between 10 and 20 million pounds of food per year, and most of it is donated through the generous support of area residents and corporations.

Macola's Progression series software and the Treadstone Group's Enhancements for Food Banks were recently implemented at FreeStore to help handle quantities of this magnitude.

"Macola replaced for us a system that was period sensitive, not date sensitive," comments Financial Director Gary Tucker. "This limited the amount of financial reports that could be generated for a certain time-frame. The old system wasn't designed well for our flexible reporting needs."

The decision to choose a new solution was also hastened by another issue, according to Tucker. "Our support on the old system was discontinued suddenly, so we were left scrambling to find a new solution," he says. "We decided Macola's software was the best product for us, as it needed the least amount of modifications to match our requirements."

When Macola's Progression and the Treadstone Group Enhancements for Food Banks were brought in, the advantages started to stack up. Report writing went from being almost non-existent to a way of life at this 80-employee operation. FreeStore's accounting department has already upgraded to version 7.5, and the company will soon have its inventory division using the software as well.

"We use Macola, combined with the F9 and FRx financial reporting programs, to analyze a variety of data," Tucker says. " Progression also is also more user-friendly than what we had before. The flow of processing transactions is more logical than our old system."

Another benefit to using Macola is the service provided by FreeStore's authorized Macola Business Partner, the Treadstone Group, according to Tucker. "The people at Treadstone made us aware of how the software would work for our operations before it was even implemented," he explains.

The Treadstone Group's Enhancements for Food Banks integrate seamlessly with Macola's Progression software to form a working solution for food banks. Progression modules running on the Novell network and Windows 95 operating system include accounts payable, accounts receivable, general ledger, bank book, assets & depreciation, purchase order & receiving, and inventory management.

FreeStore/FoodBank is committed to the community. And Macola Software helps this organization fulfill its commitment every day of the year.