CatalystCommand Transportation

Source: Catalyst International
Transportation management presents one of the greatest opportunities to increase profitability and gain competitive advantage in your supply chain and your entire value chain. Yet many logistics operations miss this opportunity by using multiple, disparate systems and processes that lead to poor freight visibility, excess inventory, order fulfillment scheduling issues, data integrity issues with trading partners and lost sales due to stock-outs.

Through the optimization of business processes and the deployment of CatalystCommand Transportation, a next-generation transportation management system, you can significantly improve your carrier performance, customer service and reduce annual costs by up to 30%.

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CatalystCommand Transportation is a seamless, end-to-end, web-native transportation management system that will minimize your transportation costs and maximize your service level. At its core, the system optimizes your supply chain operation's transportation resources by creating and managing the best delivery solutions for each order and handling last minute order changes smoothly.

CatalystCommand Transportation helps you manage your complete transportation cycle, including strategy, planning, execution and settlement. The system builds, routes, tenders, assigns and tracks shipments in collaboration with carriers, customers, suppliers, third party logistics providers and exchanges, as well as automates freight payments. It enables a complete audit trail of every shipment giving your customer service department and customers the ability to inquire and monitor the successful execution of the plan or to view inventory in transit based on order number, purchase order, carrier and other criteria. This powerful feature is extended to include email messaging board alerts of critical events such as late shipments or geography changes that can be disseminated to traffic, operations, buyers, warehousing, carriers, suppliers, and customers based upon the rules defined by the shipment owner.