Brochure | September 7, 2011

Brochure: Infor F9 Financial Reporting

Source: Infor

Report wizard.

The F9 Report Wizard allows you to go from a blank spreadsheet to a fully formatted, hotlinked report in just seconds! Follow a graphical representation and step by step procedure; point and click your way to a finished report complete with F9's formulas, automatically. It is so powerful; it's the only feature many people need to use. Leverage your knowledge of Excel to get started immediately.

Drill down.

No financial reporting application would be complete without drill down capabilities. F9's drill down lets you analyze any balance by the various account code segments or by the general ledger transactions that created it. You can also make use of the drill results in the body of the report for trend analysis or other purposes. Drill down lets you explore the numbers in your reports to their origins.


F9 can consolidate general ledgers that do not share the same account structures or are frm different accounting systems. All with the push of a button.

Report analysis.

Analyze by various criteria such as multi-company or multi-department reports and see which accounts are missing or duplicated.

Mining information with F9.

Take any slice of data to create a report or do analysis. F9's hotlink technology makes your most critical business data (your general ledger) instantly accessible, solving the biggest concerns accountants have about their financial systems.