News | July 13, 2020

Bricz Pioneers New Industry Leading Warehouse Robotics Practice

Bricz, a leading supply chain solutions provider, is launching its Warehouse Robotics Practice to help adopt robots in the warehouse for its growing client base.

Atlanta, GA (PRWEB) - Staying true to the mission of bringing thought leadership, innovative solutions, and technology enablement services for the supply chain, Bricz is proud to announce the launch of its Warehouse Robotics practice. With the new practice, Bricz brings two unique service offerings:

1. Warehouse Robotics Discovery and Advisory Services

With a focus on developing agile, and efficient fulfillment operations to meet ever-evolving demand shifts, logistics leaders are increasingly relying on robots. Consequently, the Warehouse Robotics market has seen a huge increase in vendors offering various robots to meet industry demands. Logistics leaders are walking on a tight rope while balancing existing productivity on one end and implementing innovations for enhancing productivity on the other end. With Warehouse Robotics Discovery and Advisory services, Bricz is engaging with clients to define specific use cases, articulate requirements, create a strong business case and identify the best robot solution-fit while leveraging relationships across the warehouse robotics industry.

Parth Pethani, Warehouse Robotics Leader at Bricz, says, “We understand the challenges logistics leaders are facing and will face in coming years. As industry problem solvers, we are establishing the Warehouse Robotics Discovery and Advisory service to help make a strong business case for warehouse robots and ensure ROI for our clients’ robotic investments.”

2. Warehouse Robotics Implementation Services

Acquiring a robot is only 1/3 of the overall robotic solution. For a successful warehouse robotics project, logistics leaders also need effective implementation of the robotic solution followed by seamless adoption of the robots to complete the robotic solution. To do this, leaders need a trusted team to bring their vision to reality. Bricz is proud to be part of that team by launching the Warehouse Robotics Implementation Service. With expertise in all leading warehouse management systems, Bricz provides unique skillset to ensure seamless integration for all use cases, edge cases, and exception handling.

Jon Brashears, Senior Strategic Manager at Bricz, says, “We are proud of our experience in implementing and integrating Warehouse Robotics solutions at Fortune 200 clients and across various software landscapes. With our new Warehouse Robotics Implementation Service, we are excited to bring value and complement success to warehouse robotics adoption.”

Bricz is a supply chain solutions provider focused on delivering strategy, solutions, and technology consulting services for retailers, distributors, and 3PL providers. With over 150 years of combined experience, Bricz is passionate about helping its clients create exceptional customer experiences. Their multi-vertical practice allows them to deliver outstanding value to clients within any phase of their supply chain. With their services in analysis, implementation, and optimization Bricz sets its clients up to compete effectively in the new age omnichannel landscape. Visit the Bricz website to learn more.

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