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eCity Stock
SLINGSHOT's Enterprise eBusiness software suite includes eCity Stock – Inventory & Warehouse Management(WMS). eCity Stock provides global inventory control, and visibility across multiple warehouses and organizations. eCity Stock/RF is also available if you require "real time" information access in the warehouse via handheld Pocket PC devices.

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eCity Stock and eCity Stock/RF comprise the Inventory and Warehouse Management (WMS) segment of SLINGSHOT's eCity enterprise eBusiness Supply Chain Management(SCM)suite. Stock is a comprehensive Inventory and Warehouse Management (WMS) system, that serves as the hub of eCity' integrated warehouse and distribution management solution. Stock provides global supply chain visibility, inventory valuation, inventory tracking and transaction control across multiple warehouses and organizations. Stock offers three levels of capacity to handle any situation, a basic capability for smaller "paper-based" pick pack and ship warehouses, advanced warehouse management for large radio frequency (RF) controlled facilities and "virtual warehouses' to track supplier and customer inventories and shorten supply chains. Customers, sales representatives, suppliers or any authorized individual have visibility into inventory status, delivery schedules, shipment tracking and can also project future availability. The information is accessible in the office, at home or on the road using a standard web browser.

The eCity Stock module can also be set up to track inventories held by strategic supply chain partners. XML transactions forwarded from the trading partners allow the information to be maintained in real time. This information can be used to significantly reduce inventories and improve service levels.

Stock can control an unlimited number of warehouses, organize them into locations and zones, and establish rules for pick, put-away and replenishment at the zone level. Each product can be tracked by lot and/or serial number. The eCity Stock module allows you to define whether tracking takes place in the warehouse, or only on shipment or receipt. Lot controlled items can also be date controlled, allowing expiration dates to drive pick and replenishment processes (first expiration, first out). A "distribution days capability allows you to report lots, which are approaching their expiration date. User-defined condition codes can attach to any inventory balance. These codes determine how inventory is treated. For example: Is it considered available to promise? Can it be shipped? Does it have a financial value? Ownership can also be specified for supplier consignment or third party logistics purposes.

Other eCity Stock capabilities include:

-RF Integration

-Multiple Inventory Types (Raw Materials, Work in Progress, Finished Goods)

-FDA validation

-Lot Tracking & Genealogy

-FEFO(First Expiration First Out) stock rotation

-Multiple Inventory Owners

-Integrated Inventory & Sales Order Management with eCity-Sell

-Real-time Supply Chain Planning and Available to Promise with eCity-Plan

What makes eCity unique is the ® centric, eMpower "adaptive web" architecture that unifies an e-commerce framework with business logic "encapsulation." eMpower's breakthrough technology offers unmatched flexibility, scalability and dexterity.

eCity features include:

- Native web design

- Extensive user defined security and audit trails

- Pocket PC device connectivity and form creation

- Embedded user tailored email notification and workflow routing

- Our unique "adaptive web" technology tool that provides flexible personalization

- Embedded CRM functionality

- Supplier & Customer visibility and self service options

- Automatic upgrade facility preserves any customization

The eCity Stock and Stock/RF Inventory and Warehouse Management (WMS) modules are "native web" applications that provide unparalleled visibility and control across the entire Supply Chain. Stock is the hub of eCity, providing global supply chain visibility, inventory valuation, inventory tracking and transaction control across multiple warehouses and organizations.

Stock/RF employs eCity's "adaptive web" technology architecture for portable handheld

Inventory access and transaction entry. Stock/RF Inquiry and Entry forms are deployed on the Symbol PDT 8146 handheld Pocket PC device using the Pocket IE browser. Stock/RF automates input and tracking of inventory in the warehouse during; receipt, put away, cycle counting, picking, packing and shipping. Stock/RF utilizes the role definition capabilities of eCity to determine the authorization of the user to perform specific tasks and can further restrict usage to specific areas. For example, Stock/RF may authorize a certain user for receiving, put away and replenishment for the entire warehouse while only allowing picking from non-secured zones

Built on Slingshot's exclusive eMpower "adaptive web" technology, the eCity Stock application provides unparalleled control and flexibility in inventory and warehouse management solutions. Control that allows you to maximize inventory throughput, visibility and profitability. Flexibility that allows you to react instantly as market conditions change. Other eCity Stock capabilities include:

Stock Replenishment - when implemented with the eCity-Plan module the system can automatically create replenishment orders into the warehouse. These orders can be purchases, warehouse transfers, make orders, or subcontractor-fulfilled outside processes. Within the warehouse, pick points can be automatically replenished.

Physical Control – the eCity Stock application creates cycle count request based on count frequency codes. Counts can also be requested manually, and multiple recounts can be enforced. When all counts are completed, the system reports discrepancies. When the count transactions are finalized, inventory is adjusted to resolve all acknowledged discrepancies.

Financial Integration - every change to on-hand inventory is logged, and inventory transactions are valued automatically. eCity-Stock supports LIFO, FIFO, Standard Cost, Replacement Cost and Average Cost valuation methods. Each cost transaction includes the appropriate general ledger accounts. Journals can be easily reported and passed directly to your accounting system.

Inter-warehouse Transfer Control - when transfer orders are entered to move stock between warehouses, eCity-Stock verifies inventory availability at the ship-from warehouse as the order entered. When the order is complete, the on-order quantities at the receiving warehouse are updated automatically.

Integrated Receipt and Shipment Confirmation - eCity-Stock is used to confirm shipment and receipt for orders entered in other Slingshot eCity modules. This approach simplifies warehouse operations and enforces consistent procedures.

All eCity applications including eCity-Stock provide:

-Extensive user defined security and audit trails

-Pocket PC device connectivity and form creation

-Embedded user tailored email notification and workflow routing

-Our unique "adaptive web" technology workbench tool kit

-Embedded CRM functionality

-Native web design

-Supplier & Customer visibility and self service options

-Automatic upgrade facility to preserve any customization.