eCity Buy & eCity Request - Purchasing, Requisitioning & e-Procurement Software

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SLINGSHOT's e-Procurement software suite includes eCity-Buy - Purchasing and eCity-Request – Requisitioning & eProcurement. eCity-Buy leverages the Internet to dramatically improve purchasing efficiency and reduce costs. eCity-Request leverages catalogs, email, and approval routing to eliminate maverick buying and to improve your buying power.

eCity-Buy –Purchasing Management and eCity-Request – Requisitioning & eProcurement form the e-Procurement segment of eCity - our "adaptive web" enterprise eBusiness suite.

Access the eCity Buy Product Overview.

eCity-Request collects, approves and fulfills requisitions via the Internet. Any authorized employee can enter requisitions quickly and easily, and then review and update open requisitions any time, from any Internet browser. Internal catalogs can be established to eliminate maverick spending and to increase vendor discounts through improved buying power. This effectively eliminates unnecessary Purchasing administration, saving time and money.

Access the eCity Request Product Overview.

Any authorized user can quickly request the materials needed. eCity-Request provides requisition templates to assist in the creation of repetitive or comparable orders. Products can be retrieved from a specific integrated Product catalog, the product catalog hierarchy, a "personal shopping list" or found with a simple text search. Requisitions can be generated for both inventoried and non-inventoried items. Current and future stock availability can also be viewed. Once the item is identified, the requisition originator simply enters the quantity required and a requested delivery date and the requisition is created. Completed requisitions are automatically routed for approval and once approved they are sent to eCity-Buy (or your existing PO system) for automated purchase ordering.

eCity-Buy uses the power of the Internet to dramatically improve purchasing efficiency and reduce purchasing costs. Purchase orders can be entered, maintained and tracked by authorized individuals from any Internet browser. Estimated arrival dates can be updated manually or electronically via XML or EDI transactions received from suppliers or carriers. Order status is always available on request. And for critical purchases, interested parties can be notified automatically via email when the status of the order changes or the delivery date is adjusted.

Use the power of the Internet to extend your purchasing application beyond the buyer to internal requisitions or even customers and suppliers with complete security and control. eBuy allows groups of users to get their own tailored view of the purchasing system, by associating each user with a Role. The user's Role determines which information is accessible, and the form in which it is presented. For example, an individual may be restricted to order status information for his or her own open orders. eCity-Buy provides the control and flexibility to define roles and change them as your needs change.

The secret behind all Slingshot eCity Enterprise e-business software is a unique combination of intimate industry knowledge and proven software product expertise, built upon a breakthrough technology framework. eCity's unique "adaptive web" architecture, is designed to harness technology and deliver "real" business benefits to you. The eMpower architecture allows you to define business processes, collect custom data and alter web forms without programming.

Only SLINGSHOT allows you to:

-Add new fields to any form and the database in minutes without programming

-Change existing forms and add new forms without programming

-Add validation rules - again no programming required

-Define "roles" and "span of control" providing a tailored user interface for each group of users

-Quickly create forms for wireless Pocket PC devices using the same tools

-Route notifications and approval tasks automatically with built in email integration & workflow

-Add URL links to any form for improved visibility.

Fast, Efficient PO Entry- Purchase order entry is simple and quick. Order data defaults automatically from the Supplier record. Standard paragraphs, shipping instructions and other information are automatically added to the order. Pricing, accounting, freight and tax calculations are also automatic. For repetitive purchases, reference a shopping list and simply select the items you wish to order. Or, selectively copy products from a recent order.

Customized Purchase Approval Routines- eBuy allows you to design your own approval routines. A purchase, which did not result from a requisition, may require multiple approvals, depending on the amount of the purchase, or the items purchased. When an order is complete approval requests are automatically emailed to approvers, who reply to the email to confirm it has been approved. When all required approvals are in, the order is automatically forwarded to the supplier.

Automatic PO Creation- Integration with the eCity-Plan module allows for automatic creation of purchase orders to satisfy current and forecast demand. Inventory requirements are projected by "netting" demand with current and future supply. Planned purchases are maintained continuously for the exact quantities and dates required. These orders can be opened manually or automatically by eCity-Plan at the optimal time.

Unlimited Order Text- An unlimited amount of free form text can be applied to purchase orders for internal or supplier notes. Standard paragraphs can be set up, for any suppliers or product, to be automatically copied to purchase orders as they are entered.

Integration Across the Supply Chain- Purchase orders can be transmitted to suppliers instantly via EDI, XML, facsimile, email or regular mail as requisitions are completed and approved. Suppliers may acknowledge orders, provide a promised delivery date and send an advance shipping notice when the goods are shipped. If this information is received in EDO or XML format, eBuy will automatically update the purchase order and, if required, email a notice to the buyer or any other interested party.

Estimated arrival dates can also be updated electronically via XML or EDI transactions received from suppliers or carriers. Order status is always available in request. And for critical purchases, interested parties can be notified automatically via email when the status of the order changes or the delivery date is adjusted.

Multiple Supplier Addresses- Each supplier can have an unlimited number of Order Form, Pay To and Ship From addresses. Information defaults from the Supplier record to the purchase order automatically to speed the entry process and eliminate errors.

Product Catalog- An on-line product catalog can be easily created, with each product placed in hierarchical order for quick selection. The catalog can contain an unlimited amount of descriptive text, and an image of each product. eCity-Buy's search engine makes it easy to find the right item, using the hierarchy or product description. eCity-Buy also provides convenient punch-thru-access to your preferred on-line supplier catalogs.

Supplier Performance Statistics- Supplier performance statistics are automatically tabulated for each purchase, with automatic logging of exceptions such as late shipments, early shipments, back orders, off-specification product and inaccurate invoices. Based on the performance log, eCity-Buy maintains a performance score on each supplier to allow you to monitor and report on Supplier Performance.

Integrated Invoice Matching- Facilities receiving document created by Slingshot's eCity-Stock module are automatically sent to eBuy for invoice matching. Accounts Payable personnel can register invoices, and use them to close unapproved receipts. eCity-Buy generates a set of voucher transactions, which can be forwarded to your accounting system for payment processing.